Who Is 'Teen Mom' Farrah's Boyfriend? Simon Saran May Go From Salesman To Reality Star

Farrah Abraham is already the most infamous member of the Teen Mom cast and now, she's returned to her life as an MTV reality star. She hasn't changed much since first leaving Teen Mom, but Farrah does have a new boyfriend, Simon Saran, according to Starcasm. The site first reported on the pair on New Year's Eve 2014, at an event in Las Vegas. Interestingly enough, Farrah and her new BF are actually in a long distance relationship, since he lives in San Diego, where his businesses are located, and she's still in Texas — though she did put her house on the market at the end of last year. But that might be a red herring, because, as Jezebel speculated last year, Farrah may have been staying in a model home for the duration of the Teen Mom: Being Farrah filming.

But so far, these two are taking it pretty slow, at least by Teen Mom standards. Farrah does seem to value her independence, though it's arguable that she hasn't really made any plans for her future besides appearing on reality shows and making a line of Farrah Abraham sex toys — which, according to Radar Online, are coming in handy for the long distance relationship. Well, now that sex is ruined for me forever, here are a few things to know about Simon that won't make you feel the need to wash your brain out with soap.

He's A Salesman

According to his LinkedIn, Simon has sold pretty much everything. He's sold cars, works in real estate, and is a chief officer of "Global Wealth Enterprises," a company that doesn't seem to exist anymore, unless it's referring to a law office in Chicago.

They Spent Valentine's Day Together

Looks like they spent Valentine's Day in wine country. I don't know who took all of those highly posed photographs, but it does look like a nice way to celebrate.

He Likes To Pamper His Girlfriend

If Farrah is a fan of expensive gifts, it looks like she's found the right relationship. However, if she's a fan of being respected as an equal in the relationship, she may want to keep looking.

They May Appear On Couples Therapy

This rumor was generated by a few Tweets Farrah sent out and spurred on by a Starcasm article speculating that Farrah and Simon should appear on the next season of Couples Therapy. After just a few months of dating, they should still be in the honeymoon phase. But who knows, maybe Dr. Jenn will be able to help these two make their relationship last... if it's worth preserving.