Another Reason Chrissy Teigen Is Our Spirit Animal

While some celebrities post mundane updates on Twitter, Chrissy Teigen will never be part of that category. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and So Delushious food blogger is easily one of the most amusing people to follow on Twitter — or really any social media site. (Her Instagrams are equally great!) She's hilarious and not afraid to be honest when it comes to calling out Internet trolls. So basically, if you're not following her already, what are you waiting for?

In case you don't believe me, Teigen's tweets on Saturday prove why she's pretty much our spirit animal. She began the night by drinking wine and painting a water-color picture meant for children. Then she proceeded to test out two different kids' games, and of course/thank goodness she live-tweeted the whole experience.

She began by polling her more than 680,000 followers about which kit she should try first. There were two options: Candy Chemistry or The Human Body. Tough decision, huh? After Candy Chemistry earned more votes, she decided to let all of us in on the game night experience — which wound up apparently being very frustrating. (Spoiler alert: The game wound up in the trash.)

Here's what happened:

The Election

After finishing painting with water colors, Chrissy Teigen asks her loyal followers which adventure she should embark on next.

Choosing The Winner

She opens up the Candy Chemistry kit and dives in.

Reading The Instructions

Although it's intended for kids, this thing is quite complicated.

Science & Confusion

Despite being an A+ chef, these instructions are pretty confusing for Chrissy.

More Confusion

"What's happening?"

Still No Candy...

Very valid question: Where is the candy?!

Game Over?

Looks like that didn't end well. Poor game! :(


Chrissy briefly contemplates going back to the water colors...

The Winner

Ultimately she decides on the Human Body kit. Hooray!

In case you were wondering, nope, she wasn't high during any of this. She clarified:

Maybe next time she should try a similar, yet simpler game? I'd vote for either Candyland or Operation. Same premises (candy and the human body), but way, way easier!

Seriously hoping there will be future installments of Chrissy Teigen's game nights on Twitter. Fingers crossed that John Legend joins in on the next one!