Why Doesn't 'Going Clear' Mention Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise? Their Relationship Was Subject To Claims Of Scientology Meddling, Too

While watching the incredibly enthralling HBO Scientology documentary Going Clear, you might find yourself wondering why the HBO doc doesn't mention Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' relationship. After all, that relationship was almost more subject to claims of Scientology meddling with it than any of the other relationships included in the doc. If we get testimonials about Nicole Kidman's phone allegedly being tapped and ex-Scientologist and supposed Cruise ex-girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi, why is there nothing about what is probably his most famous public romance and subsequent divorce?

The film — which the Church has released an official statement denouncing, saying "The accusations made in the film are entirely false and alleged without ever asking the Church" — makes such grand claims about Cruise's personal life that it seems almost ridiculous that there's not a whisper of information about Holmes. We get an entire segment on Boniadi, who most Cruise fans and celeb gossip hounds probably barely remember as having dated Cruise, but nothing on this huge part of his life.

Of course, the answer is simpler than you might realize: This film and the book it's based on rests largely on the testimonials of former members of the church, like Mark "Marty" Rathbun, who serves as the main source for most of the claims about the church's treatment of Kidman. If these people left the church, it's likely that they weren't present for anything that allegedly went on behind the scenes during Holmes' & Cruise's relationship.

While numerous sources have claimed that Holmes was followed by Scientology-hired spies and tabloid the world over perpetuated the claims that the Church of Scientology was instrumental in their breakup, if no one who could have witnessed this agreed to speak (and it certainly appears that that was the case for HBO's film), it wouldn't be responsible to include it in the documentary. It's that simple.