Where Did "On Fleek" Come From?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, then you've probably heard someone describe something as "on fleek." And if you're anything like me, you immediately wondered where the term "on fleek" came from. The first time you heard it, you probably thought someone was pronouncing a real word wrong. But, let me assure you: they weren't. The craze that is "fleek" has taken over the world, in every way possible. You're rocking a cute new top – it's on fleek. You nailed that new french braid look – it's on fleek. You took the most beautiful selfie in the history of selfies – your selfie was probably on fleek. And if this still doesn't make sense, let me give you the background of fleek.

If you were planning on making a quick trip to Urban Dictionary, let me save you the typing time. In the shortest way I can possible describe it, on fleek is basically just saying something is on point, awesome, or done really well. It can be used to describe a number of things, from outfits and pictures to drinks and even that sick charcuterie platter you brought to the picnic last week.

And if you're wondering where it came from, I can help you out with that, too. Last year, a Vine was posted by Peaches Monroee, and the phenomenon that is fleekness was created. A lot of people use the term to talk about their eyebrows – because we all know how important eyebrows are – but more recently, celebrities and models have adopted the terms when talking about their attire.

Check out the original Vine to grasp the mood of the term.