8 Emotional Stages Of 'Shipping Barry & Felicity, 'The Flash' & 'Arrow's Star-Crossed Heroes — GRAPH

Here's the deal: Barry and Iris are working out their weighted history on The Flash while Felicity is torturing Ollie by getting official with Ray on Arrow. Meanwhile, I've yet to move on from the idea of a true Barry and Felicity romance, with The Flash and Arrow heroes ditching their angst-y love triangles to just run away together already. Delusional? Possibly. Hopeless? Most definitely. But a 'shipper can dream. In fact, that's almost all we do.

Why can't we have this relationship, though? Is it because Barry and Felicity just make too much sense together? When Barry Allen made his first appearance in Starling City, his chemistry with Team Arrow's IT expert sizzled enough to get Oliver Queen all heavy-browed and brooding. (But then again, what doesn't?) And when Felicity made her reciprocal visit to the Flash's hometown, she charmed everyone in Barry's life without breaking a sweat. So they tried the romance angle and it didn't take. Maybe that's because these two are suckers for a lost cause and acting on their feelings for each other would just be too easy. But with a parade of super-villains terrorizing both of their cities, shouldn't something be easy?

If you're like me and still clinging to the S.S. Barry/Felicity, you're no stranger to this repeating series of feels.

Now, let's explore each of these stages, one by one.

1) Nostalgia: Remembering How Precious They Look Together

If Barry and Felicity had gone out in high school, they would have been that couple who were super popular but still achingly nice to everyone on the social spectrum.

2) Hope: When You Think Back To The Amazing Dress Felicity Wore On Their Experimental Date

I feel like this dress has an actual soul. It has agency. It could do things. Things you didn't even know you wanted to do. This is a life-changing, earth-shaking dress, and Felicity wore it for Barry.

3) Confidence: Knowing Their Love Would Blossom If They Just Gave It One More Chance

The last time they tried a relationship on for size was before Felicity stopped waiting for Oliver and Barry learned that the feelings of Alternate Timeline Iris aren't going to have any bearing in their current reality. Maybe the stars have finally aligned.

4) Reassurance: Because Iris Isn't Available Right Now

She's with Eddie, and Eddie is nice. Eddie is brave. Eddie takes good care of her. Let her be happy.

5) Encouragement: Plus, Oliver Is Busy Brooding

Duty and hardships and guilt and give it a rest, Queen.

6) Anger: Let's Not Even Talk About Ray Palmer

You're better than this, Felicity. There's a guy the next town over who's just as cute and 300 percent less self-righteous.

7) Frustration: Why Must These Rays Of Sunshine Torture Themselves?

Suffering is not a relationship requirement, you guys. Despite what they've been through, Barry and Felicity are optimists. So why are they so drawn to such difficult romantic paths?

8) Acceptance: Realizing That Barry/Felicity Will Always Exist In 1 Magical Place

Fan fiction and YouTube will never let you down. And so the cycle continues.

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