Is Jason in the Barrel on 'PLL?' Charles DiLaurentis Might Have Pulled Something Major on Us

Oh, Pretty Little Liars: Never change. After months of anticipation, the Big A Reveal only served to ask more questions than it answered. Sure, we finally got to (sort of) figure out what Mona's anagrams meant, but still — is Charles Jason's identical twin? And if he is, did Charles put Jason's body in the Pretty Little Liars barrel that we thought had Mona in it? It's tough to say, and the snapshot of the two boys and their (?) baby sister was vague enough to leave so many possibilities up for grabs. That said, one of the most popular theories of the moment is the aforementioned identical twin theory (because really, would Rosewood be complete without some bonafide twins?). And, if Charles is indeed Jason's twin, some other implications follow... for example, the fact that Jason might actually be dead — because what would a twin be without some major switcheroo drama? Which begs the question: Is Jason DiLaurentis the one in the barrel?

For weeks, we were all but sure it was Mona — but, of course, now that her murder turned out to be a MASSIVE red herring, it's time to look for the barrel's actual occupant. Could it be Jason? And if it is, how long has he been dead? The theory may sound a little out there, but hear me out — there are a few factors that actually point to some twinny trickery.

His Mysterious Hospital Visit

Remember when Jason fell down an elevator shaft back in Season 3? Tumblr user Radleypatientx handily points out that after his injury, Jason actually disappeared for a spell — more than enough time for Possible Identical Twin Charles DiLaurentis to swoop in and take his place, with no one the wiser.

The John Doe in the Woods

Radleypatientx also points out that we never actually found out who that dead body in the woods from Season 3 was — you know, when Spencer found a body dressed (and tatted) up to look like Toby? Well, as fate would have it, that actually wasn't too long after the elevator accident (in fact, it was a mere two episodes later) — and if Charles really did kill Jason and take his place, it would make sense that he'd use the dead body for creepy A shenanigans. It's also been pointed out that the body found in the woods had the same wound as Jason was seen sporting in an earlier episode: Coincidence, or something more?

His Mood Swings

Jason's always been notoriously hard to read: One second he's on the Liars' side, and the next he's not. Another Tumblr user PrettyLittleLiarThe0ry points out that Jason used to be nicer to Spencer (which makes sense, given that they're half-siblings and all) but then turned colder at a certain point. There's also the fact that he was willing to change his testimony about Mona's murder is a strangely mercurial move. Any way you slice it, his intentions have always been murky — could the twin swap be the real reason behind his sketchiness?

Are you on board with the twin theory? How about the Jason-is-really-dead-theory? I. Marlene King says she's already seen some correct theories out there — fingers crossed this is one of them!

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