Is Bethany Young Charles DiLaurentis' Girlfriend On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Let's Leave No Big A Clue Unturned

Pretty Little Liars is kind of like the Wild West right now, theory wise: Anything goes. As you might imagine, the newly-revealed Charles DiLaurentis is ground zero for the wildest theories of the moment. Think of it, and it probably has its own heavily-commented posting on the PLL subreddit, or a Tumblr page with 2.5k notes — really, everything's out there. Some camps are convinced that Charles is Andrew Campbell in disguise. Still others are convinced that Charles is Jason DiLaurentis in disguise — and almost everyone thinks he's either related to Ali, Bethany Young, Andrew Campbell, Spencer Hastings, Cece Drake and/or Aria Montgomery — basically, any combination of pretty much every single parent on the show. So, out of the hundreds of theories, here's one of my favorites as of late: Could Bethany Young have been Charles DiLaurentis' girlfriend?

It's hard to comprehend, I know (especially if you're of the camp that they're somehow related), but if you think about it, it's not that out of left field: Two highly suspicious characters with equally strange attitudes towards Alison DiLaurentis... who knows what they could be up to, romantically and otherwise?

They're The Same Age

After all, Bethany's age is actually closer to Rosewood's older generation of liars (think Melissa Hastings, Garrett Reynolds, Ian Thomas, etc) — she was killed at age 17 five years ago, which would make her somewhere around 22 now (Melissa and Jason are both 24). From the family video Spencer caught a glimpse of, we know Charles is around the same age as Jason, which would make him and Bethany quite the age-appropriate couple (not that Rosewood's ever cared about that, ahem, Ezria).

Plus, as Spencer pointed out, the prom that Charles forced the Liars to recreate was the 2007 prom — in other words, the prom the members of the N.A.T. club went to together, so it would follow that Charles either attended — or missed out on attending — the 2007 prom. Perhaps Bethany was supposed to be his date?

They Might Have Been In Radley Together

Many PLL theorists believe that Charles was committed to Radley early on in his childhood (which would explain why Ali didn't know about him) — one astute Redditor even pointed out that Charles may have been the Radley escapee that Jessica DiLaurentis was so worried about. This would have put the two of them around the same time — they could have met, fallen in love, and hatched this whole mad-cap revenge plan together!

They Both Have Strange Ties to Ali

As the Liars + Mona were quick to realize, Charles had a definite preference towards Ali — she was his prom queen, after all. Plus, there was the ultra creepy gas mask with the "you're my favorite" note... Anyway, we don't know much about Bethany's relationship with Ali, but we do know that the two of them corresponded by letter and were supposed to meet the night that Bethany died and Alison disappeared. It's hard to say what all of that means, but it could be something that links the mystery-shrouded Charles and Bethany together.

It's a reach, sure — but what PLL theory (proven and otherwise) hasn't been?

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