Happy National Grilled Cheese Month! 7 Reasons Why Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Are The Best Sandwiches On Earth

Get ready to celebrate, people, because April is National Grilled Cheese Month, and therefore it's the best month of them all. Everybody knows that a good sandwich holds the power to completely change your mood. You could be having the worst day ever, and one bite into a quality sandwich will put a smile on your face. But the most satisfying sandwich of all has to be the grilled cheese sandwich, which should come as no surprise since cheese is basically an edible drug. And honestly, a sandwich without any form of cheese is not a sandwich I want to meet.

Even better than the grilled cheese itself, though, is the fact that there is an entire month dedicated to celebrating the star of the sandwich world. Is this heaven? And within Grilled Cheese Month is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, which falls on April 12. So how to celebrate? Well, eating a grilled cheese for every meal will certainly work. I know that sounds like it would get old real fast, but I promise you, it will not. That's because, while it's a relatively basic recipe, there are so many ways to change a grilled cheese sandwich up and make it awesome. And there's just no type of sandwich that can top it. Here are all the reasons why grilled cheese sandwiches are the best sandwiches... duh.

1. Because Any Cheese Will Do

There are hundreds of different kinds of cheese, and any of them would work on a grilled cheese sandwich. That level of flavor freedom is something your tastebuds will forever appreciate.

2. Because Any Bread Will Do

As long as you grill it, you can pick any kind of bread that floats your sandwich boat.

3. Because Despite Life's Other Imperfections, Grilled Cheese Is Always Flawless

You could put melted cheese on top of rotten pickled eggs, and I'd gobble it all in less than four bites.

4. Because Tomato Soup (And Life) Would Be Pretty Dull Without It

Tomato soup needs a grilled cheese like Danny Castellano needs his old school red-framed glasses. Without the grilled cheese, tomato soup wouldn't be half as delicious.

5. Because How Else Would You Have Gotten Through Winter?

The winter of 2015 was basically a major bummer, and the only thing that made it not so awful was being able to warm up with a piping hot grilled cheese sandwich after a morning of shoveling the driveway. A sandwich is the only reason you still have a sliver of sanity.

6. Because It Will Always Be There For You, No Matter What

It's actually a year-round soul saver. Even in the summer, you could pair a grilled cheese with a cup of gazpacho soup, and your mood would be one million percent improved. On a bad day at work, after a breakup, or a fight with your BFF, grilled bread and melted cheese will solve it all.

7. Because There Are A Million Ways To Make It Better

You could add avocado, maybe banana peppers, or just some potato chips on the sandwich. Grilled cheese sandwiches are versatile in that any additional ingredient will only add to the taste, without sacrificing anything or diminishing its deliciousness.

A grilled cheese is all you need.

Image: grilledcheesesocial/Instagram; Giphy (7)