Obama Stumbles Leaving Air Force One

Even U.S. presidents stumble sometimes. President Obama nearly fell off Air Force One on Sunday while disembarking the famous aircraft. Of course, his embarrassing and potentially dangerous moment was captured on video and uploaded on YouTube. Presidents — they're just like us!

Obama had just returned from a golf outing in Florida when the near-fall occurred. The president was apparently excited — perhaps a little too much — to return to Washington, D.C., as video footage shows he couldn't wait to rush off Air Force One when it landed at Maryland's Joint Base Andrews. While jogging down the aircraft's steps, Obama slips and nearly falls backward before smoothly recovering.

It wasn't the most presidential disembark of Air Force One, but that recovery was pretty cool. Although some media outlets seem to think the little episode was uncharacteristic for the typically chill Obama. The Independent called it a "rare loss of swag," while the New York Daily News said the president "followed up one trip with another."

But it's OK — the president bounded (or should we say "rebounded?") on, continuing down the tarmac with a grin on his face as he joked with an Air Force officer. That swagger is back.

Here's the raw video footage of Obama's stumble, via the Associated Press...

Unfortunately, Obama's fall couldn't escape the Internet, where people (OK, us too) are sharing the video with the occasional "have a nice trip, see you next fall" joke or two.

Fortunately, Obama is not the first president to have a very un-presidential dispatch from Air Force One. Let's remember who did it first: President Gerald Ford.

See, Obama, it happens to (almost) every president.

Image: Getty Images