11 Ways Barry Allen Could Use Time Travel To His Complete, Hilarious Advantage On 'The Flash'

After the consequences from Barry Allen's first quantum leap on The Flash, our hero is experiencing some serious doubts about the the benefits of time travel. He may have saved Central City from one travesty, but unfortunately for Barry, consequences are unavoidable. He's now doubting that saving his mom is a possibility after all. That fun reveal turned into a downer really quickly. Time travel is supposed to be fun!

Barry Allen already had a little bit of fun with his newfound ability to relive events, but his silly fourth-dimensional references immediately caught the attention of Harrison Wells. Of course they did. The time traveling super-villain deals exclusively in that "inside joke to myself" kind of humor.

For now, let's forget the time-space continuum. How could Barry really have fun with time travel? I'm not suggesting he win the lottery, bet on sports, or cheat on a game show. Those are dishonest, and that's not the Barry Allen way. But there have to be a few ways that he could use this to his advantage without too many consequences. I mean, if I were Barry, this is how I'd take advantage of the amazing ability to turn back the clock.

Do a Full Groundhog Day

Barry Allen deals with a lot of embarrassment on a daily basis. I'm sure he'd love a chance to relive a day until he gets it right.

Spoil Everyone's Favorite Everything

We now know what shows Cisco likes to watch when he's not getting kidnapped by Rogues. Better not annoy Barry, or he'll tell you who gets crowned in the Game of Thrones series finale.

Go Back To School Loan-Free

Not to get all Hermione on this, but it couldn't hurt to have a few extra degrees hanging around. He could get an MFA in vocal performance or go to medical school for psychology. Of course, if he wanted to erase his debt, he'd have to erase that timeline and the paper trail of his academic accomplishments — but knowledge is priceless.

Party All Night

For months! Time travel may be the key to Barry Allen prolonging his buzz.

Impress First Dates

Imagine you're out with Barry Allen and he whisks you away to Woodstock, or the opening night of Rent off-Broadway. The two of you would just have to tread very lightly to avoid any Butterfly Effect scenarios.

Really Commit On Halloween

Nobody's Marty McFly costume will be more authentic when he keeps traveling to different parties. Unfortunately, Barry would be the only one to know how hilarious he is.

Join Team Arrow From The Beginning

Can you just imagine? He could show up on the island, or meet Oliver's mom and just act like he'd been there the whole time.

Be On The '90s Flash Series

Or get real meta (human) and watch the '90s series.

Take A Side Job As A Psychic

He would just have to keep things vague enough so that nobody suspects him. He could even publish a column. The local paper is down one reporter...

Never Be Without An Umbrella

I'm not talking about the Weather Wizard. This crazy winter has ben proof that even the most talented meteorologists can get it wrong. Wouldn't you appreciate a text from a friend who zapped to the afternoon and back, making sure you don't leave for work without boots and gloves? I know I would.

Announce What The Next Spinoff Will Be

Is it The Atom? Will it be The Black Canary? Or are we getting a whole series about The Rogues? There aren't many answers about the next series in The Flash and Arrow universe. Only time (travel) will tell.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy (11); boniferhasty/Tumblr