John Stamos & 'Full House's Uncle Jesse Have More In Common Than You Ever Thought Possible — GRAPH

It is an indisputable fact that Jesse Katsopolis, a.k.a Uncle Jesse, was the babeliest '90s television star there ever was. OK, it is an indisputable fact for me, but I can, with utmost confidence, say that many now-grown women will agree with me. In March 2015, John Stamos, the man who brought Uncle Jesse into our hearts and homes for over 25 years, made some headlines that made every Full House fan squeal with joy. During a trip to San Francisco, Stamos posed for an epic photo in front of the Tanner's home — and no one noticed. Sure, he might look a little different since the show ended in 1995, but this got me thinking about the similarities between Jesse Katsopolis and the actor who played him.

I admit, if I were to bump into Stamos, I would have a hard time making the separation between the character and the man, because they've got to be pretty alike, right? For one, he's just as beautiful in character as he is as himself. Turns out, Jesse and Stamos have a ton in common, so using a handy Venn diagram, I've come up with some of the ways that John Stamos actually IS Uncle Jesse, so dust off your Jesse and the Rippers t-shirts and get ready.

Images: Cora Foxx/Bustle