Bravo, Oxygen, & Esquire have 23 New Series On The Way — The Good, The Bad, & The Pretty Darn Ugly

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NBCUniversal's basic cable networks Bravo, Esquire, and Oxygen are branching out in their scripted and unscripted offerings with 23 new series on their way in the next year, according to Variety . Many of the new shows are what you would expect from each of the networks: horribly gender-stereotyped reality series, guilty pleasures, and meat n' whiskey dude-bro fare. However, the networks do have a few surprises up their sleeves including a series that follows professional female football players as well as a road-trip with reality star extraordinaire NeNe Leakes.

Some of these shows sound groundbreaking while others might take us back about 30 years in progress for women and minorities. One thing is for sure, you'll either love to hate 'em or hate to love 'em... but you'll probbly watch almost all of them. Here are all of the new series ranked from the good, to the bad, to the very, very ugly. Take a look.

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