NeNe's 'RHOA' Therapy Didn't Go As Planned

by Kayla Hawkins

In her mandated cast-wide therapy session, NeNe turned into the Real Housewives of Atlanta scapegoat, blamed for all the various grievances everyone had in the entire cast. So when to her surprise, everyone wanted to talk about the issues they have with her, NeNe walked out of RHOA therapy. By the way, if walking out in solidarity is the new way to show friendship, where the hell was Porsha through all of this? As NeNe went over the river and through the woods to get out of that building where the therapy session was being held, she was totally alone. It remains to be seen if in next week's "To Be Continued," if NeNe will return for the rest of the session and has been artfully edited out, or if Dr. Jeff will become the next target of everyone's angry questions.

All of the haranguing Kandi about showing up "for Phaedra," who didn't even make it there ended up being a whole lot of nothing, hunh? In the end, Kandi's the one whose pointed question prompted NeNe to leave. (By the way, what the hell was NeNe wearing on her head when she visited earlier in the episode?) And it was pretty rich that NeNe was so high and mighty about being there for Phaedra when she herself couldn't muster up the will to be civil to Kenya for one second.

Cynthia, Kenya, and Claudia all showed up in matching red, white, and blue outfits, walking in like the Heathers, all coordinated and blown out, ready for battle. And working separately, they achieved their goal: make NeNe the bad guy. I think that was the only thing they wanted.

Listening to these women talk in therapy terms has been a little boring, with all the back and forth and rehashing of old conflicts, but hopefully Dr. Jeff pulls back this surface layer of needing to find which person is at fault, and then they can start to unpack the real meaning underneath it all. Or at least I hope they do, because I can't watch this be teased out for another week. We'll get plenty of therapy in the three-part RHOA reunion. And with these new rules, we know NeNe can't get up and walk away from that.

Image: Peter Kramer/Bravo; Giphy (2)