Jacob Rummell Was Sent Home In 'The Voice' Knockout Rounds But Pharrell Made The Wrong Choice

There have been few times this season when I have whole-heartedly disagreed with The Voice coaches decisions. Most times they do know best — they are award-winning vocalists, after all. But Pharrell made a wrong decision tonight, and that was choosing Lowell Oakley over Jacob Rummell in the Knockout Rounds. Both contestants gave their performances everything they had, but it was Rummell's talent that really put him ahead as the winner. However, Pharrell saw all the work he could do with Oakley and decided to explore that avenue instead. Rummell was cheated out of a shot in this game, and Pharrell's choice could come back to hurt him.

Sure, Oakley is talented — he wouldn't be on The Voice if he wasn't. But his talent seems more forced than Rummell's natural ability. Oakley's performance of "My Girl" was full of corny dance moves (I'll forgive him for those because they're basically required of the song), forced emotion, and average vocals. Rummel blew Oakley out of the water with his genuine performance of "Life of the Party" that really showcased his range and story-telling abilities. His emotional performance alone blew Oakley out of the water and had me convinced he would take the win. But Pharrell didn't think Rummell plugged into his lower register enough, which is what ultimately sent him home. But instead of sending him home, Pharrell could've worked with Rummell to bring that out and really make him a force to be reckoned with in this game.

Rummell has something really special. He sings because it's what he loves, not because he wants fame. He chose to sing "Life of the Party" because it sends the message that it's okay to be different — and my heart started breaking as soon as I heard that explanation. It was completely broken when he was sent packing, and stomped on when he started thanking Pharrell for the amazing experience. There's no denying Rummell has a unique natural talent — seriously, have you heard the notes he can hit? But it's his genuine love for what he does that makes him such an amazing performer. While it might not be what wins The Voice, it is what makes an artist stand out. Pharrell could have used this as a spring board with Rummell and then worked with him to perfect his vocal talent. They could've gone far together, but something tells me Rummell is going to be just fine without The Voice — and we'll still see his name in lights one day.

Image: Tyler Goldern/NBC