6 Festival Accessories To Help You Stand Out

Any girl can go online, sift through the season's best selling items and click "purchase," but it takes a true fashionista to pick out unique pieces and become a true trendsetter. Here's an example: while any person can buy an open-back romper, a real fashionista will pair it with some color-blocking shoes, an effortless set of bangles, and a purse that makes a statement. A true fashion girl knows that standing out doesn't just mean a great outfit, it also means great accessories. If there is one thing that's clear about fashion for spring 2015, its that festival wear is going to be huge. It is no longer a trend that is only acceptable to rock at Coachella, but when toned down slightly, can create a perfect spring or summer bohemian chic look. And the best way to go about doing that is with the perfect festival-inspired accessories.

Instead of going out and spending your extra cash on a new wardrobe, you can take something as simple as a pair of high-waisted ripped jeans and a crop top, and accessorize your outfit with this season's best body jewelry. If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to picking out body jewelry, don't fret. Here are 6 of the hottest jewelry trends that can take you from being a trend-follower to becoming a trendsetter. Best of all, you can pick up all of these pieces at your favorite affordable clothing stores, all for under $35.

1. The foot chain

Twisted Foot Chain, $4.90, Forever21

The foot chain has a simple clasp on the back of the ankle, similar to an ankle bracelet. However, it stands out as a piece of body jewelry because of the chain that is connected to the front and is wrapped around the toe. While many foot chains have large designs that cover the entire foot, this piece is simple and elegant. It allows you to look like a true festival-goer on your next beach escape, or even on a girl's day out at the mall.

2. The hand chain

Keeping with the same idea, the hand chain has become an integral trend in festival wear. The chains come in all different designs and metals, and make for an elegant, yet edgy way to dress up a simple look. This hand chain is fairy minimalist, yet the intricate design and the blue stones really take the model's outfit up a notch.

Hand Chain Bracelet Hipster Bronze, $7.00, Etsy

3. The body chain

This item is on my must-buy list! This thin and delicate body chain makes such a big statement, yet looks completely effortless. It is most commonly worn over a plain tank top, but can also be worn over your favorite LBD (little black dress).

Topshop Layered Body Chain, $35.00, Nordstrom

4. Statement and Stacked Rings

Spring 2015 is all about rings. When picking out an accessory to decorate your fingers, it's no longer about finding the perfect ring, but about finding multiple perfect rings!

Floating Pave Bar Ring, $24.90, Express

5. The Head Piece

My favorite statement piece for spring is the head piece. Just about every girl can relate to having a messy hair day, but now you have a solution: the head piece. This particular headband is super fun and feminine, but it'll give you enough edge for a festival vibe.

Athena Headband, $20.00, Urbanoutfitters

Chained Etched Pendant Head Piece, $5.90, Forever21

6. The belly chain

The belly chain from the '90s is back! Grab your favorite pair of jeans and a simple crop top to rock this fun and sexy accessory.

Layered Coin Charm Belly Chain, $7.90, Forever21

Each of these trends can easily be dressed up or down. For the bold girl, these trends are perfect with a festival flare pant. For the gal with a more relaxed style, these trends make a great statement piece with basics. Whatever accessory you choose to rock, it's important to remember to play them up to your own style.

Images: Getty;; Etsy; Express; Urban Outfitters; Nordstrom