Sophie Buhai's Jewelry Was Created in Her Basement

by Stephanie Chon

If you've heard of Sophie Buhai, then you most likely know her for her Vena Cava label, which she ran with her business partner, Lisa Maycock. Since then, the designer has happily locked herself in a basement. The result? Sophie Buhai's new architectural jewelry line. And yes, it's just as amazing as you can imagine.

According to, Buhai believes LA “has this amazing community of creative people that work in an experimental or casual way.” It’s always great to have a community of makers that share similar passions as you in order to keep the inspiration flowing, but at the same time, Buhai definitely knows the importance of solitary crafting.

In her interview with, Buhai said, “I think being able to experiment a lot led to the idea for the site,” as she explained her enjoyment of working in her basement. She continued, “It feels very, very free here, and there is less pressure because you’re not being watched.” This type of freedom led to the creation of simple statement pieces made from warm walnut and maple woods as you’ll see in her debut video here:

You can cop the pieces from her website