13 'Game Of Thrones' Accessories That You Need To Celebrate The Season 5 Premiere

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OMG, you guys, after months of not-so-patiently waiting for it, the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones is finally less than two weeks away! GoT will air on HBO on April 12th, in case you haven’t been anxiously counting down the days like I have (or you've been living under Casterly Rock... get it?).

Personally, I plan to host my feast (a.k.a. my viewing party) for welcoming Jon Snow back into my life in style — and that means I’m stocking up on everything I need in order to look like I stepped right out of Westeros. To celebrate the return of the best show on television, I scoured the Internet to create this list of epic and fantastical accessories that even Daenerys Targaryen would be envious of.

Image: HBO

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