9 Passover Side Dish Recipes That Are Essential For Your Seder Supper

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Chag sameach my chosen people! As we approach Passover, Jewish families around the world are getting ready for their seder suppers. This means stocking up on matzo and Manischewitz, braising the brisket, and preparing a long list of Passover side dishes.

Now to a non-Jew, cooking a couple of side dishes seems like a simple task. But goys often forget that the Passover seder comes with its share of dietary restrictions. Any type of leavened bread or bread product is quite literally off the Passover table. And no, it's not because Jewish folks are watching their carbs. When the Jews escaped Egypt many years ago, they did not have time to let their bread rise before leaving their home. As a result, they relied on unleavened bread to get them through their 40-day journey through the desert. Today, Jews go a week without leavened products to pay tribute to their ancestors and commemorate their freedom from Egyptian slavery.

But I digress. . .

Whether you are hosting your first seder or want to add something new to your traditional feast, it is important that your side dishes (and every dish for that matter) adhere to the Passover guidelines. Here are nine Passover side dishes that are completely kosher and taste great too.

Image: Cara’s Cravings

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