How 'The Originals' Would Change If Caroline Moved To The Big Easy — Permanently

Ever since the Mikaelsons parted ways with The Vampire Diaries and became their own separate entity, fans have been clamoring for as many crossover episodes as humanly (or should I say vampirely?) possible. However, amid all the suggestions, there is one popular opinion out there that constantly seems to outshine all the rest: the idea that Caroline should join The Originals as a permanent cast member. Is this yet another attempt on my part to reignite the possible spark of a Klaroline romance? Perhaps. But I'm certainly not the only person out there who would love to see this plan actually come to fruition — and not merely because of Klaus and Caroline's undeniable chemistry.

You don't need to be a Klaroline 'shipper to know that Caroline would make a fantastic addition to The Originals ensemble. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what she could potentially bring to the Big Easy table. (And that's with her humanity on. Just imagine what she'd be like in her current emotionless TVD state.) Julie Plec may be resistant about having another main cast member jump ship to New Orleans, but I'm here to tell you that it'd be an awesome change for both characters and viewers alike.

So please, join me if you will, in imagining a world where The Originals and Caroline are one in the same. What would that even look like, you may ask? Well, for starters…

Klaus Would Be Throwing A Lot More Parties

Right now, Klaus is kinda preoccupied with this whole "protecting Hope" storyline, but you better believe that if Caroline showed up, there'd be elaborately planned theme parties each and every week. I mean, what better way to keep those werewolf alliances in tact than with a little booze and dancing, right?

Klaroline Would Totally Become A Thing Again

Obviously, this kinda goes without saying. Now that long distance would no longer be an issue, Klaus and Caroline would be able to rekindle that spark before you can even say "Stefan who?" (I'd say another stroll through the woods would be in order, don't you think?) Plus, there's just no way Caroline would be able to resist her feelings once she saw Klaus holding Baby Hope. Not even an immortal could prevent themselves from swooning over such a glorious sight. Speaking of which…

Hope Would Be Spoiled Beyond Belief

Hayley and Klaus may love their daughter unconditionally, but their doting would look like nothing compared to the amount of gifts Auntie Caroline would shower upon her. We all know how Caroline tends to go above and beyond for the people she cares about, so just imagine how far she'd go for an adorable supernatural baby. It'd be the cutest dynamic on the show, hands down.

Caroline Would Definitely Be Team Jackson

No offense to Elijah or anything, but we all know Caroline harbors a soft spot for hunky werewolves. (I'm looking at you, Tyler!)

Cami & Caroline Would Become Frenemies

Cami may think she has a special relationship with Klaus, but that's nothing compared to the type of connection he shares with our dear Caroline. And as much as Ms. Forbes likes to act like she feels nothing for him, you know she'd be instantly jealous to see another woman trying to steal Klaus' attention. I'm not saying it would evolve into a full-on girl fight or anything, but I'm certainly not opposed to it. We all know who the winner would be. So, no offense, Cami, but BTFO. He's taken.

Klaus Would Become More Level-Headed

In case you haven't realized, Klaus has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. Bringing Caroline into the fold would immediately force Klaus to start acting more logically and stop letting his emotions get the best of him. Caroline would not tolerate his temper tantrums, and if anyone was going to actually get through that superior ego and layers of stubbornness, it would be this girl.

Klaus Would Be More Vulnerable

It's no secret that Caroline is one of Klaus' weak spots, which could prove to be a powerful tool for his enemies. So while her presence would be more than welcome, it could also serve as Klaus' undoing if danger were to befall her. But knowing Klaus, he'd still find a way to come out on top.

Davina & Caroline Would Become BFFs

After all, Caroline wouldn't be Caroline without having a badass witch for a best friend.

Let's make this happen!

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