Check Out This Mood-Boosting Line of Deodorants

Signature fragrances are kind of like LBD's - every woman should own one and you can't help but feel a little boost after slipping (or spritzing) it on. But who knew that rule of thumb also extended to your armpits? A new line of deodorant's designed to enhance your mood thanks to the magic of essential oils, has arrived Styleite reports. Who knew that banning sweat stains could feel so good?

It's no secret that perfume designers often utilize certain scents to evoke distinct emotions for those who smell it, like citrus has been known for it's fresh, energizing properties and lavender has been said to calm and relax. Well, the company Mood Factory is getting in on the game with deodorants like Creativity (a blend of spearmint, cinnamon, and rosemary meant to inspire), Passion (a heady combo of jasmine, vanilla, ylang ylang, and rose to stimulate those sexy-time feelings), and Happiness (a concoction of lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, and lime to uplift).

Sure, we throw some drugstore antiperspirant under our arms without much thought, but why shouldn't the scent be just as luxurious as our designer perfume? And with the promise of Tranquility and Energy with just one swipe, this mood ring-esque deodorant is something I just need to try for myself.

With a scent to match every personality and mood, I couldn't help think of some certain celebs who might benefit from a swipe of Mood Factory's emotion boosting deodorant concoctions. What, is it not normal to be thinking about celebrity underarms at work?

Creativity Deodorant


This one obviously belongs in the bathroom of Lena Dunham. Not that she's ever out of ideas, whether it's for a new Girls script or a bestselling memoir, but one could always use a little creative boost.

Passion Deodorant

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For her passionate romance with Kanye (and herself), the Queen of the Selfie deserves a swipe of Mood Factory's Passion stick.

Happiness Deodorant


With the girl's blonde hair, sweet obsession with her fans, and sugary pop vocals, Taylor Swift just radiates happiness.

Renewal Deodorant


From a country princess to a twerking queen, Miley Cyrus is no stranger to reinvention and this Renewal deodorant smells right up her alley.

Tranquility Deodorant


Thanks to all those vegan juice cleanses and luxury yoga retreats, you can't deny the air of tranquility surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow. I wonder if she has an artisanal, locally grown, made-with-the-tears-of-virgins deodorant to match.

Sassy Deodorant


With a flip of that trademark ponytail and tarty songs to match, here's betting that Ariana Grande has this Sassy deodorant stashed on her tour bus.

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