9 Amazing 'Jane The Virgin' Characters Who Should Never Be Overlooked

If it wasn't obvious already, I love the CW's Jane the Virgin . I can't get enough of the show's whip-smart humor, self-aware storytelling, and wonderful, talented cast. I cheer every time the series picks up another award or wins over a few more viewers. In my opinion, JtV's the best new show of the 2014-2015 season, and I know I'm not the only one who shares this view.

And what's not to love? Jane the Virgin is the best kind of silly, somehow packing tons of emotional nuance and heart in between hilariously over-the-top plot lines like Petra's backstory and the appearance of Roman Zazo's identical twin. However, while Jane and her men are supposed to be the show's focus, the rich cast of minor characters are all fascinating in their own way. As deeply as we've fallen in love with Jane, Rafael, and Michael, there are also characters like Rogelio, the Narrator, and even Petra fleshing out the universe and being every bit as compelling as the core three.

Until we get a Season 2 that dives even further into the total goodness that is Jane the Virgin, I've decided to celebrate the minor characters everyone should adore. Here are nine of the best.

The Narrator

There is no one on Jane the Virgin funnier, smarter, or more self-aware than the narrator. Whether he's recapping the events of episodes past, adding emphasis to characters' statements and sex scenes, or filling us in on the secret thoughts of dogs, the narrator is constantly the best character on the series.


Living with two loud and opinionated women means that Alba Villanueva often gets overshadowed. Too frequently, her advice goes unheeded — for the best or for the worst. Of course, Jane and Xo love Alba, but when it comes to appreciating her wisdom and one-liners, it tends to only be the audience who sees her for the grandmotherly gem she is.

Young Jane

Gina Rodriguez gets tons of credit for playing Jane, and rightfully so; the actress is perfect as our pregnant protagonist, and makes every scene compelling and real. Yet not enough people seem to be acknowledging the performance of Jenna Ortega, who, through flashbacks, plays Jane's younger self. The pre-teen actress holds her own against her older co-stars, and is a main reason why Young Jane's storylines are as entertaining as the ones featuring her grown-up self.


Ah, Rogelio. The soap opera star may be a celebrity, but, within his own family and friends, he's extremely under-appreciated. Sure, he can be extravagant and naive, but the poor guy just can't catch a break. He's struggling to stay relevant, has only just learned he has a daughter in her 20s, and he has two awful step-kids set on making his life miserable. With that kind of chaos, Rogelio can be excused for a few bouts of narcissism here or there, can't he? After all, he's one of the most hilarious characters on the show.


The woman survived acid to the face, life in a wheelchair (OK, she was only pretending), and parenting a daughter as crazy and evil as Petra, and yet she's a monster? So not fair. Well, I mean, it's totally fair, but still. Give Magda some appreciation, please. Everyone loves a good villain.

Roman Zazo

Roman Zazo got thrown out a window and impaled on an ice sculpture. He deserves some acknowledgment.

Sister Margaret

The elderly nun deals with spoiled teenagers on a daily basis, hires a pregnant virgin, and makes mad money by handing out coins with Jane's picture on them to couples struggling with fertility issues. Sister Margaret is boss. Immoral, but boss.


What would the show be without Jane's collection of adorable dresses from Target? Just appreciate the dresses for what they are: cute, flirty items that make us want to shop.

Luisa's Roommate, Betty

Luisa might not have been thrilled to be institutionalized against her will, but at least she ended up rooming with Betty, the world's funniest mute mental patient. Betty's reactions to her roommate's stories not only made her a great listener, but when Luisa decided to make her escape, Betty covered for her and took the heat. Here's hoping Luisa at least sent her a thank-you.

Images: The CW; Giphy; janegifs/Tumblr