Jennifer Lawrence On 'Dancing With The Stars' Would Be Epic & Here's What Would Go Down

Dancing With the Stars already has one Mockingjay cast member on the show with Willow Shields, but I can't help but wish that Shields' onscreen sister Jennifer Lawrence was on Dancing With The Stars too. Although, according to Shields, J. Law doesn't know if she could handle it: Shields spoke to E! News after Monday's dance and revealed that her Hunger Games costars are very excited for her, especially J. Law. "I think everybody is like, ‘Where did this come from? Oh my god, you're dancing!'" Shields said. "[Jennifer Lawrence], of course she was like, 'Oh god, I would be so scared to do that.'"

But let's not forget that J. Law was also scared to sing in Mockingjay, Part 1 and she positively slayed that song "The Hanging Tree." She even hit the UK singles charts with that song! I think it's safe to say that J. Law undersells herself a little — so while she might be scared to try something like Dancing With the Stars, I know that if she were picked for the show she would light the stage on fire with her talent.

Although she's probably much too busy to consider going on the show right now, I can dream. If Jennifer Lawrence was on DWTS, this is what I'd imagine it would look like (and it would be amazing).

Mark Ballas Would Be Her Partner

In the past, Ballas expressed interest in having the Oscar winner be his partner. So, you know he'd campaign for that spot if she ever joined the show. "She seems very personable and has great charisma, very funny," he said of Lawrence. "These are all keys of an awesome working relationship. She's beautiful and I'm also a fan of her acting. She'd be great on the show." And Lawrence would be lucky to have him: Ballas has won the show twice already.

She'd Be Super Pumped to Be On a Reality Show

From The Bachelor to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jennifer Lawrence loves reality TV shows. I'm sure if she got a chance to actually be on one, she'd be thrilled. She could also use her extensive knowledge of the reality TV world to avoid drama. (Or cause it; it's fun either way.)

She'd Have No Problem With Elaborate Costumes

Ballas (and the show in general) are known for their over-the-top costumery, but that likely wouldn't bother J. Law one bit. She's used to being dressed up for her movie roles and has transformed into everything from a Girl on Fire for The Hunger Games to a blue mutant for X-Men. She could handle anything DWTS threw at her.

She'd Be Psyched About the Extra Food

With the increased practice time, stars often find themselves burning a ton of calories in the studio and you know what that means! They have to eat even more to keep their energy levels high. We all know how Lawrence feels about food, so she'd likely be thrilled by this aspect of practicing.

She'd Have a Huge Fan Base

J. Law would certainly be safe every week when it comes to the fan votes. She's Tumblr's queen, after all, so the votes are sure to pour in.

But She'd Also Be Super Talented

Fan votes only tell half the story. But fortunately for J. Law, she also has the dance experience to earn high judging scores. She could call upon her Silver Linings Playbook days and win the whole competition. I know it's unlikely we'll see Jennifer Lawrence compete on DWTS, any time soon. But at least we can dream about how awesome it would be, and hope that one day those dreams will come true.

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