When Will Zayn Malik's "I Won't Mind" Solo Song Be On iTunes? The Wait Is Already Too Long

Guys, I'm going to be honest. I'm a little conflicted about Zayn Malik's new solo single "I Won't Mind." On the one hand, I'm totally obsessed with the song and, between its haunting melody and its haunting lyrics, it definitely hits me right in the feels. But it's hard to get over the circumstances that surround the release of the single. The song's producer Naughty Boy and Malik's former bandmate Louis Tomlinson's got into a heated Twitter argument about the release. Now the song has been taken down from SoundCloud where Naughty Boy originally released the track, but it's still available on YouTube. So the real question is, when will the song get an official release on iTunes? Frustratingly, there's no word on this yet.

It's inevitable that if Malik and/or Naughty Boy want to make money off the single, they have to release on iTunes. They have to give it the official debut. But, at the moment, we don't know when that will be and whether Malik will drop just the single, an EP or a full album. We don't know if the single will debut on Spotify. In fact, do we even know if Malik has enough songs to make an official solo album yet? Seriously at this point, I'm so confused and worried that I don't even know what to think about the future.

All I do know is that the song is really quite great, so despite all the commotion and controversy it's received, I hope the song can still be appreciated. Also, let's get this song on iTunes and Spotify ASAP guys! I'm getting tired of hitting "replay" on YouTube over and over again.