David & Lori Spoilers From 'Finding Carter' Stars Hint At Major Season 2 Drama

Don't worry, I know exactly what you're thinking — could things possibly get worse on Finding Carter? Season 1 left off with Lori kidnapping Carter for a second time and, so far, it seems like Lori's secret is going to be huge in Season 2. Like, explosively huge. Ahead of the Finding Carter Season 2 premiere on March 31, series stars Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron reveal some major Season 2 spoilers to Bustle about the MTV series' shadiest and most mysterious characters — David and Lori — and tease that Lori's secret is "going to rock everyone’s lives." As if we expected anything less.

Most of the promos for Finding Carter's Season 2 premiere put Lori's big secret and the reason she kidnapped Carter both times in the forefront. So, after six months of waiting for the series to return, what the hell has Lori been hiding? And what drove her to kidnapping someone else's daughter to raise as her own? Jacoby-Heron says about what fans will find out about Lori's relationship with the Wilson family and how it'll effect all of the characters on the show, especially Taylor, "It's like you find out that you’ve been lied to your whole life. It’s like, if you found out you were adopted - it’d kind of feel like similar to that, 'Is it better to know? Is it better to not know?'" Well, everyone knows now, but that doesn't mean that we're closing the book on Lori.

"There’s a lot more to Lori that we don’t know," Prescott says of her "mother"s storyline in Season 2, "There’s her story and there’s what happened but there’s potentially more to do with who she is." So, will we finally find out how David and Lori knew each other before the kidnapping and what those cryptic conversations in Season 1 meant?

Prescott assures Bustle that David isn't exactly as sketchy as we might believe, "He’s redeeming himself and even though you find out some stuff about him, he deals with it in a fatherly, human way in this season," she says, "Last season you didn’t really see too much of that, he was kind of a bit of a beard-twisting, evil guy. But he’s not that guy and you see that this season." Well, if Carter can trust him after he lied about writing a book about her return, I suppose I can give him a second chance in Season 2.

David and Lori aren't the only characters in Carter's world that will be getting more focus in Season 2, Prescott tells Bustle, "I feel like it was very Cater-centric last season, whereas this season what’s interesting and cool about it is that Carter’s there now, that’s her family, and all of that stuff is over and the relationships between them aren’t so much of a focus anymore and it’s more about the crazy new stuff that’s happening to them." You didn't really believe that if Carter safely returns home from getting kidnapped again, all of the family drama will over, right?

Image: screengrab/MTV; findingcarteredit, maimitch/Tumblr