Will 'Archer' End After Season 7? Here Are A Few Ideas For Sterling, Lana, & Co.

You guys, we are saying goodbye to a lot of amazing TV comedies this year. With The League, Kroll Show and (most likely) Cougar Town all wrapping up soon, I have been getting a little worried about my supply of laugh-till-I-pee shows. Luckily, Archer is still going strong and (praise Kenny Loggins) not leaving us anytime soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Archer is renewed for Season 7, running solidly into 2016. Of course, that doesn't mean that Archer Season 7 won't be its final one, but I'm fairly certain they've got plenty of fuel for seasons upon seasons before throwing in the towel. And thank Yeezus for that, because I do not think I could handle Archer, Lana, Mallory and Co leaving me right now.

But before we get too bogged down in whether or not Season 7 is the last, let's just acknowledge that it’s both a relief and a luxury to have the question of the next season already answered for us. Typically when shows (especially comedies) wrap up their sixth season people start talking about end dates, finales and running out of creative steam. This hasn't been the case for Archer. Going through the Archer Vice reboot, and then a completely new re-reboot this year has kept the show fresh and funny, covering new ground every season.

While I would hate for Archer to extend past its hilarious prime like some other network comedies (the last two seasons of How I Met Your Mother still sting) we don’t seem to be in the danger zone (not sorry) of that happening here. They've already been super spies, drug dealers, and country music stars, but there is still plenty of ground left for them to cover. I've got a few ideas on some of the different directions future seasons could take:

They Could Try The Family Sitcom

With Archer and Lana already trying to figure out parenthood, they could spin the show again to be a family comedy. Think of the Bob’s Burger’s crossover possibilities!

Archer Could Run For Office

Can’t you just see the gang getting Archer (or better yet, Lana) elected? Archer and Mallory already have a serious Manchurian Candidate vibe going on, and I’d love to see them attempt to actually run the United States. Watch out Veep, there’s some new bozos in Washington D.C.

The Pam Poovey Show

Because she is just the best. An entire show dedicated to the glorious beast that is Pam Poovey? Count me in. I don’t care what she’s doing as long as it includes eating, drinking, fighting, and swearing.

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