Could Maddie Be Deacon's Liver Donor On 'Nashville'? She May Save Her Newly Discovered Dad's Life

Circumstances are looking grim for the charming, troubled hero of Nashville . Deacon has liver cancer and so far, none of his relatives have proven to be a match for a transplant. But what about his newly discovered daughter? Could Maddie be the liver donor Deacon needs? She would do anything for her biological dad, and now she might just have the chance to save his life.

Though he's known Maddie her whole life, their bond deepened fast and furiously when Deacon was revealed to be the biological father of Rayna's eldest daughter. They've connected most strongly over music, with guitar lessons that have doubled as mutual talk therapy. Their other shared interest is 'shipping Rayna and Deacon and wanting to see their issues resolved already. Maddie has done everything short of Parent Trap-ing her mom and dad to get them back together; and Deacon has been candid with Maddie about his feelings in a way that might be more suited to a drinking buddy than a child.

So what makes me so sure that Maddie will be Deacon's liver donor? Because that's the kind of twist made for television. Nashville could've let Scarlett be Deacon's savior, but that would be boring. The procedure would have been over and done with before the show could explore all of the regret and meaningful sorrow from this storyline. Even Deacon's messy sister Beverly would have been an easier choice. One more flash of Scarlett's doe-eyes and she would have acquiesced.

If Maddie is a donor match, we get both the symbolism of her and Deacon becoming even more tied to one another and the drama of the decision. According to the nice people at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, children under the age of 18 can be living organ donors, so long as they have a parent's consent. I can see Rayna's beatific concern right now, as she considers the prospect over a bottle of Shiraz before eventually granting her permission. And then she'll go to battle with Teddy, who will oppose the procedure. But does he really have anything to say about parents signing away the rights of their children at this point? And doesn't he have a scandal to deal with?

And then all that's left is the inevitable hospital sequence: Deacon and Maddie clutching hands as they're both put under; Rayna and Scarlett pacing the waiting room, looking anxiously fabulous; and the tearful family reunion when everyone wakes up. I'd throw an acoustic performance in there somewhere, but perhaps that's going just a little too far. Song or no song: Maddie being Deacon's match is a storyline too juicy for Nashville to pass over.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; whentherightonecomesalong/Tumblr