Are Terra Jole & Lila Call Still Feuding? The 'Little Women: LA' Stars Aren't Exactly On Speaking Terms

The best moments of Part 1 of the Little Women: LA reunion last Wednesday night came when Lila Call joined the cast members on the couch to discuss her explosive appearance on Season 2 of the show. That's mostly because it looked like Terra Jole would have lunged at Lila if it hadn't been for the fact that she was very pregnant with her first child at the time. So does that mean Terra and Lila are still feuding today?

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if they were. Terra called Lila "Joe's ho" during the reunion and repeatedly said it seemed like she had serious mental issues due to the fact that she sent all of these violent and hateful text messages to her boyfriend. Lila admitted that she and Joe had been texting each other even after she knew he and Terra got back together, but it was just for "business" purposes. Even though Lila tried to seem all innocent here, she followed this up by attempting to convince Terra that Joe likes women, like a lot, and he's probably unfit to be a father. Aaaaaaand that's where Part 1 of the reunion ended, leaving us hanging until Part 2.

We'll see the sure-to-be exciting conclusion of this brawl on Wednesday night, so who knows? Maybe Lila and Terra will end up apologizing to one another and putting all of this drama behind them as they link arms and walk into the sunset together. I highly doubt that will happen, but you know, stranger things and all that jazz.

In a recent interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Lila did not speak too kindly about the ladies of Little Women: LA, and she didn't miss an opportunity to throw some shade at Terra and Joe's relationship either:

The girls there aren’t my friends. I’m friends with Christy, and she introduced me to all of her friends, so I was an outsider coming in. I did have a little baggage with Terra, because I’d dated Joe in the past and they’re a little insecure in their relationship, obviously. So it was a huge stress for me to be there and they showed it. And they weren’t happy. Instead of being adults and grown up, and saying, “Yeah, we’re moving on, we’re having a baby, we’re doing great, you’re doing good. Congratulations on your sobriety,” it was a lot of smack talk.

OK, so that wasn't nice, but seeing the kind of venom that Lila can spew on Little Women: LA and now Little Women: NY, I'd say that was a fairly mild attack. Clearly, Lila is still not a fan of Terra, and it's unlikely that she ever will be.

Perhaps Lila and Terra's social media feeds will provide some clues about the status of their feud. Unfortunately, they don't. That would be too easy.

While many reality TV stars use social media to air their grievances with their fellow cast members in the most passive aggressive ways possible — cough cough The Real Housewives cough cough — Lila and Terra have barely interacted or even said anything about each other on social media, good or bad. Strangely enough, Terra has tweeted her support for Lila's new show Little Women: NY, although that may just be because she's friends with some of the other cast members.

Maybe this means Lila and Terra are too busy with other responsibilities to devote the time to carry on this feud. Lila is in the middle of promoting her new show Little Women: NY, and Terra is busy taking care of her newborn daughter while getting ready for her own spin-off, Little Women: Terra's Little Family, to premiere on Lifetime in a few weeks.

However, sometimes the biggest fights are the ones where nothing is said at all.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime; Giphy