Who Was Lori Talking To On 'Finding Carter?' The Season 2 Premiere Hinted That It's Possible That She's Not Working Alone

After only a few minutes of the Finding Carter Season 2 premiere, the series has already buried us in questions. I mean, Lori kidnapped Carter at the end of Season 1 and, even though it's already been a few hours and Lori clearly hasn't gone far, NO ONE HAS FOUND HER YET. I mean, how is that even possible, she's a double abductee for crying out loud. Tuesday night's premiere, unsurprisingly, reminded fans of just how crazy Lori can be when it comes to Carter and their former relationship, but Lori might not be alone in this. During the first few minutes of the episode, we were forced to wonder: Who did Lori call on Finding Carter ?

If I'm being honest here, it really didn't seem like the right time for Lori to be making a phone call when Carter was finally starting to wake up from whatever her "mother" drugged her with during the kidnapping. So, who was so important and so tuned into Lori's plans for Carter, Taylor, and her big secret reveal? If it were this time last season, I'd immediately be calling David's name from the rooftops. I mean, these two know each other and they were super sketchy during Finding Carter Season 1. Lori's phone conversation kind of hinted that she was talking to someone who a) cares about Carter's well being and b) knew that she'd taken her again. And who fits that bill? David.

I'm trying really hard not to believe that David is deeply involved in all of this trauma that Lori's brought to Carter's life. (Mostly because I'm convincing myself that he didn't orchestrate all of this to find material for his book.) But, listening to Lori say into the phone, "She's fine, she's resting," in a very maternal and soothing definitely seemed like she was assuring someone that things were cool and that she'd done the right thing. Could it have been David? Absolutely. David's obviously got things to hide and it wouldn't surprise me if he was hiding this scheme from his family. But, perhaps the more terrifying theory, is that Lori was talking to someone else.

The Season 2 premiere ended with Lori getting locked up, but if there's someone else out there that knows about Carter and Lori's mission to reunite with her daughters, they could break her out. Or, even worse, they could kidnap both of the girls this time. Either way, there is something seriously screwed up going on here — beyond kidnapping and the fact that Lori still probably owns that awful blonde wig from Season 1.

Images: screengrab/MTV