7 Reasons Crocs Might Be The New Birkenstocks

Before you shop around for your summer pair of Birkenstocks, you might want to consider copping a pair of Crocs instead. Yes, I know Crocs aren’t for everyone, but they’re making a comeback this summer and they are way more stylish than you probably remembered them being. When you do pick up a pair, you can start showing them off using the hashtag #FindYourFun. The hashtag is part of their first ever global campaign where consumers all around the world are taking part in snapping cool shots of their Crocs at beaches, near monuments, and recognizable landmarks.

The whole point of the campaign is to get everyone seeing the fun and versatile sides of these customizable, rubbery shoes. In a press release, the VP of Crocs’ global marketing Terence Reilly said, “Consumers around the world are going to be seeing a lot of us. This campaign is designed to engage them in ways that celebrate our iconic clog and the unique, fun-loving nature of the Crocs brand.”

But you don’t have to be rocking the clog in order to be featured under their Find Your Fun campaign. From their flats, to their loafers, and even their heels, you have a variety of choices to show the world how much fun you’re having with your Crocs. And even if they’re not really your style, maybe these pictures will change your mind. Here are 7 reasons why we think crocs are the new birkenstocks.

1. They add a fun pop of color to your spring outfits!

2. They will keep your toes warm (if it's still cold wherever you are)

3. They're the perfect pair of everyday shoes

4. They don't compensate looks for comfort

5. They make great boat shoes for summer

6. They go well with business-casual outfits

7. You can pair em with your favorite skinnies

Images: Crocs/Facebook (7)