14 Monogram Home Ideas To Give Your Space An Easy, Personalized Makeover

Fashionistas continue to rock monogrammed items on the runway (though all of us plebs can still snag some personalized pieces for half the price), and the trend doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. I noticed a big influx of monogrammed mugs and notecards over the holidays, and I love the look for monogram home and decor items, too. There's just a simple yet modern elegance to a personalized pillow or door wreath. Check out a few to-die-for monogrammed items you'll want to spend your whole paycheck on — monogram responsibly!

Metallic Mug

I. Need. This. Now.

Gold Monogram Mugs, $12, etsy.com

Metallic Pillow

The metallic silver detail is a modern twist to the classic yacht club feel of this pillow.

Metallic Monogrammed Pillow, $30, etsy.com

Sequin Initial Letter

Every house needs a big, sparkly reminder of who lives there!

Sequin Letter, $24.99, etsy.com

Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are so modern looking, and the monogram adds a personal touch to your favorite drink.

Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses — Set of Two, $23.99, etsy.com

Jewelry Tray

All your jewelry has to go somewhere, so why not make it personal?

Personalized Monogram Ring Dish, $9, etsy.com

Vintage Wreath

This is not your typical door wreath. I love the vintage look and feel to the design, and the red really makes it pop.

Monogram Door Decor, $59, etsy.com

Vinyl Wall Decal

Vinyl wall decals are a renter’s best friend, and they’re so much easier than putting a nail in the wall to hang something.

Vinyl Monogram Wall Letter, $17, etsy.com

Beaded Pillow

Obviously, pillows are a hot ticket when it comes to monograms, and this beaded one is hard to pass up.

Customized Beaded Monogram Pillow, $26, etsy.com

Monogram Mug

Mornings seem a lot easier when you have a cute, monogrammed cup to sip your coffee from.

Monogram Mug with Heart, $16.50, etsy.com

Serving Tray

Perfect for organizing your coffee table contents, or for serving your famous sangria during a backyard BBQ.

Wood Serving Tray, $57, etsy.com

Wine Stoppers

These monogram wine stopper corks would go great with those stemless glasses, huh?

Monogrammed Wine Stoppers, $5, etsy.com

Cutting Board

You can use this cutting board for both chopping and serving — the perfect mix of fashion and function.

Personalized Cutting Board, $70, etsy.com

Wine Cork Shadow Box

I’ve been saving my wine corks for a special DIY project, and this is definitely a very classy way to keep and display them.

Initial Monogrammed Wine Cork Shadow Box, $59, etsy.com

Vintage Glasses

These glasses where made in the 1960s — proof that monograms never go out of style.

Vintage Silver-Rimmed Monogram Glasses — Set of 2, $18.82, etsy.com