Havaianas Get The Dylan's Candy Bar Treatment

It's pedi season and open-toe shoe time! That means you can store those bulky boots and break out the sandals, wedges, and espadrilles (oh my). Now is the perfect time for sweet feet, as Dylan's Candy Bar has teamed up with Havaianas flip flops. The collab has resulted in candy-printed sandals that will be available this Friday, April 3 at Bloomingdale's and online, arriving just in time for Easter.

But I know... yummy candy and your feet aren’t exactly common correlations, even though I've been to salons that offer things like lemon or chocolate-themed pedicures. Really! But there's no way this can't be a cute collab for beach season.

Dylan Lauren, who launched the upscale Dylan's Candy Bar candy stores, is understandably inspired by her latest cross-promo partnership, telling WWD, "I seriously could design 1,000 candy patterns if Havaianas wanted to make them all." Willy Wonka, Veruca Salt, and Violet Beauregarde would be proud.

But sadly, Lauren is not designing a thousand prints. The first styles to be sold, according to WWD, will boast swirled and round lollipops, which are signature Dylan's Candy Bar items.

The shoes, which I hereby christen "lolli-flops," will set you back about $30.

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Feet and shoes are having a moment with unusual partnerships, as Keds and lip balm maker eos recently teamed up, too.

So what other foot candy would I like to see on the beds of my flip flops? How about these three designs?

1. Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate-dipped pretzels are the best of both worlds, in terms of savory and sweet. The twisty shape would make for a cute print on the bed or the between-toe thong.

2. Gummy Bears

They are cute and kitschy, and the gummies would dress up the thong on a pair of basic flops in a simple way. Plus, who doesn't love gummy bears?

3. Candy Buttons

I was never a huge fan of biting these hard-ish candies off the paper strips and always got a tiny bit of paper in my mouth when I was little. But I have to admit the colorful dots would make a cute shoe pattern.

This partnership is awesome because it's the perfect marriage of cute and whimsical. Candy and flip flops are youthful, so teens can wear these DCB x Havaianas. But so can any lady that indulges in sweets and engages in her biweekly pedi.

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