This Cat Chilling In A Paper Bag Is Super Soothing

Hey, congratulations, you. Wednesday is the stress, and if you're reading this, that means you bucked up and are at least semi-functional today. I'm proud of you. Since this Wednesday also happens to be April Fools' Day, it is arguably a little more stressful than most. Luckily, the internet has blessed us with this calming video of Maru the cat sitting in a paper bag for over a minute so that we can cope with whatever life (i.e., terrible people) throw at us today. Watch the cat in the bag. Watch, and forget everything that needs forgetting.

This is far from the first time that famous internet cat Maru has graced us with his earthly kitty wisdom. The Scottish fold has been calming the likes of stressed out people navigating YouTube for years, and ranks among the top ten most famous cats of our age (what have you done today, huh??). More than that, though, Maru just gets us. Sometimes your life is so crazy that you have no choice but to take a minute, find the nearest Starbucks bag, and shove yourself inside of it. And if you don't happen to be approximately the length of a Subway foot long, than you can achieve inner peace by watching Maru do it instead.

Just look how content he is poking his little head through that hole.

His happy little tail like a bag-smothered pendulum.

Swish, swoosh, swish, swoosh.

Behold, the secret to eternal life. Maru has led the way. Will you follow?!

Here's the full video of Maru's very satisfying adventure:

And just in case you haven't reached peak calm yet, here are a few other Maru gifs that are sure do the trick:

1. Maru in a box

2. Maru getting brushed

3. ~Yes, human, groom meeeeee~

4. Maru takin' a snooze

5. Maru takin' a hungover snooze

6. Maru snuggle boxing

7. Maru being bashful

8. Maru snacking

9. Maru high-fiving like a bro

See? Wednesday's not so bad. Maru's got your back. Sit back, relax, and go find a paper bag to stuff your head in. Everything's gonna be just fine.

Images: YouTube (6); Giphy (9)