Julianne Moore's Light Up Shoes Totally 90's

The '90s era is making a major comeback in more ways than one. Julianne Moore wore light up shoes to the Chanel Paris-Salzburg show in New York on Monday night, channeling the old school trend of all your childhood dreams — or mine, at least.

I might be biased and all, but the '90s were totally the coolest decade, fashion-wise at least, so the current revival is pretty exciting. We have already seen the resurgence of signature trends from the decade, like graffiti print and bucket hats per the Moschino show last month. I predict that light-up footwear is the next '90s staple to become cool again for 2015. Soon we'll all be rocking illuminated shoes, just wait and see.

These are not the Sketchers "step and light" sneakers from your tween past, however. The modern-day take comes in the form of strappy heels with a glowing base that looks super edgy and chic at the same time, in a Zenon sort of way. This bold choice is pretty unexpected from the usually classic Julianne Moore, but it makes me love her even more. She is always at the fore-front of new fashion and absolutely kills the style game wherever she goes. Rocking the clunky throwback trend at a high-fashion event hosted by Karl Lagerfeld is pure genius.

How freaking cool is she?


See the obvious resemblance to the light up sneakers?

I am officially obsessed. Julianne totally wins trend setter of the year (yes, I know it's only April) in my book.

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