Claudia Jordan Modeling Photos Prove We Knew This 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Long Before Bravo

It hasn't been too long since Claudia Jordan joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta , but she's already proven to be welcome addition to this amazing group of ladies. However, this woman is no stranger to the entertainment industry. In fact, before she nabbed her spot at Bravo, Claudia Jordan proved to be a very successful model throughout the years, even appearing on well known shows such as The Price Is Right and Deal or No Deal. Granted, this shouldn't come as a huge shock to anyone, given that she's undeniably gorgeous. I'm talking to the point where it's almost unfair. (I'm totally not jealous, though, or anything.) But as I was saying, that's a really interesting tidbit to learn and proves that Jordan was already a star in her own right long before RHOA came calling.

However, if you're anything like me, hearing about her modeling career isn't enough. You'd actually want to see it with your own two eyes. And thanks to the powers of super-stalking (though some prefer to call it Twitter and Instagram), I was able to track down some actual photographic evidence of her former career before reality show stardom. Check out the images below and see for yourself how this Real Housewife got her early start in the biz.

She Was On The Price Is Right

Who knew she and Bob Barker were such BFFs?

And Deal or No Deal

I wonder how many times she got to hold the winning briefcase.

She Rocked Some Sexy Silk

Red is definitely her color.

And Even A Few Bonnets…

Not exactly something I could pull off, but she manages to make it work.

Whether She Was Dressed Up

Or In Swimwear

Or Almost Nothing-Wear

She looked utterly flawless each and every time.

Like I said, life is completely unfair.

Images: Alex Martinez/Bravo; claudiajordan/Instagram (8); 731leosruletheworld/Instagram