These Bizarre Fashion Headlines Are No Joke

April 1 is bizarre enough thanks to the abundance of April Fools' Day jests, but the holiday achieves a new level of eccentricity when real headlines are peculiar enough to be mistaken for pranks. 2015's culture is a swirl of selfies, unabashedly experimental attire, resurgent trends that no one could have predicted, and reality stars posing as couture pundits; in simpler terms, the year's honest-to-goodness headlines are nearly more absurd than faux stories the tabloids could dream up.

April Fools' Day has already produced a number of chuckle-worthy hoax headlines, but several of the holiday's actual news items are worthy of a double take as well. Rihanna has decided to support her best friend's deep-seated desire to provide the world with bucket hats and North West has inspired a second coming of the mother-daughter matching ensemble trend, while on the conservative side of the news, Christian Fashion Week is rapidly becoming the place to whisper persnickety comments about inappropriate clothing. Prepare to by dumbfounded by 11 real fashion-themed headlines that are just bizarre enough to be mistaken for April Fools' jokes. You may be left with a newfound respect for the level of idiosyncrasy inhabiting the modern world.

1. "Rihanna's BFF Steps Out With Her Own Line Of Bucket Hats"

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fashionista reports that Rihanna's closest chum is in the bucket hat business. However, bucket hats exited the fashion scene in 2000 for a reason, so I choose to assume the feature is another April Fools' Day prank in disguise.

2. "How To Get Out Of Bed In 60 Seconds"

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Psych! The Coveteur's article on prying oneself from the warmth of a quilted duvet cover claims to be legitimate, but 60 seconds seems an awfully short time frame for waking up.

3. "She Sounds Smart, But Look At Her Hair!"


Despite the conflicting thoughts running through your mind at this very moment, this intriguing New York Times feature regarding the intense scrutiny public figures receive regarding their looks is no hoax. Frankly, it's time someone touched on the topic of physical appearance and its effect on public perception. According to Pamela Paul, a viewer of the author's recently televised book panel composed an email criticizing Paul's hair — in complete disregard of the event's literary focus and intelligent rhetoric.

4. "At Christian Fashion Week, Honesty Is One Policy"

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The New York Times deserves a round of applause for this humdinger of a headline and its corresponding article, whose content features an in-depth look at the conservative values of the little-known Christian Fashion Week in Florida — and how lewd attendees find New York Fashion Week. Who knew Fashion Week was morally offensive to devout worshippers?

5. "The Best Mommy-And-Me Easter Dresses Inspired By North West's Egg Hunt"

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Vogue' s North West-induced Easter dress piece raises countless questions about our culture and what can be deemed rational. Duplicating North West's attire for your own wardrobe is decidedly questionable behavior.

6. "Versace 'Rip-Off' Of An American Apparel Shirt Sells For Hundreds Of Dollars"

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Why modern culture celebrates any t-shirt that costs hundreds of dollars is beyond my comprehension, but Huffington Post's piece on Versace and American Apparel's quarrel provides some insight.

7. "Why Megan Fox Feels Like A Mannequin"


It seems that Megan Fox has been withholding significant information about herself, and Huffington Post by way of Harper's Bazaar Arabia has the information the actress's fans have long suspected.

8. "Karl Lagerfeld on His Mother, $3 Million Cat, And Being A 'Fashion Vampire' "


Though The Cut's feature abounds with intriguing tidbits about Chanel's designer, it is Karl Lagerfeld's cat who occupies center stage. Take a moment to consider that you live in a world where a cat's income can surpass 99 percent of the population's before you continue going about your day.

9. "I Got Shipped To California To Date Tech Guys"

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Is mail-order dating the next big trend in Silicon Valley? Suspend your disbelief, because The Cut's article addresses a real phenomenon in Northern California.

10. "Katy Perry Channels Noted Style Icon Kris Jenner"


According to Jezebel, Katy Perry has indulged in what could be the next great celebrity trend: emulating Kris Jenner's signature style. The fact that Kim Kardashian is considered any kind of icon is horrifying enough, but Jezebel's post on Katy Perry's rumored haircut presents the frightening notion of a culture now emulating Jenner's haircut. Will wonders never cease?

11. "Andre Leon Talley Gets Flattering Makeover For Kim Kardashian Game Cameo"

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The idea that Kim Kardashian now possesses an eponymous video game in which she animates characters to appear as idealized versions of themselves is surreal in itself, made doubly disconcerting by the addition of an Instagram reminiscent filter which bestows a gleaming quality on Kardashian and Talley.

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