What Your Favorite 'Friends' Couple Says About You

Will they? Won't they? No, really, will they? But, WON'T THEY? THEY WERE ON A BREAK! Friends may have premiered more than 20 years ago (yup), but its many, many romantic dramas are still hotly debated by fans. I, for one, was always more of a fan of Monica and Chandler than I was of Ross and Rachel, but it's amazing what two decades can do to change perspective, eh?

After re-watching the entire series, it's actually Phoebe who's the most grounded in life, particularly in her romantic pursuits. Go Phoebs!

Whether you're on team Ross and Rachel or feel that Monica and Chandler are the real star couple of the series, the Friends hook-ups and love triangles keep you tuning in. What, were we supposed to just watch the show to see how all of these twentysomethings struggled with their jobs? Psshh. Give us that juicy romantic drama! The copy girl! Paolo! Scientist Guy David! Richard! Janice! THE HOT KINDERGARTEN TEACHER AND THE SENSITIVE FIREMAN! I digress.

Over the years, almost all of the friends dated each other except Ross and Monica because DUH, and Phoebe with anyone because, again, she's the most mature and well-adjusted one of the whole group.

So, here's what your favorite Friends relationship says about how you are in your own romantic endeavors:

Ross and Rachel

Nothing is ever easy in your relationships and, when they are easy, you almost don't trust it. You have a hard time marrying your head and your heart. When you follow your head, you end up making some majorly regrettable romantic choices. When you follow your heart, it's almost always a mess, but you have an easier time sleeping at night.

You're indecisive, but passionate; temperamental, but you have conviction. And no matter what the fight, you have a very strong opinion about it. You might not always know when to say you're sorry, but, when you do, it really counts.

Monica and Chandler

You might be a little critical, but, behind closed doors, you are less judgmental than most people would assume. You are a creature of comfort and, when you step outside of your own bounds, you surprise yourself in really rewarding ways. Sometimes your stubborn independence gets in the way of truly letting your partner in, but, when you do, everything suddenly feels so much lighter.

You've been disappointed in the past, and it takes a lot for you to trust again. At the end of the day, you just want the people in your life to really be there, in sickness and in health and in turkey butts.

Rachel And Joey

Sometimes life doesn't need to be so complicated. You're just looking for love, compassion, and comfort. You've been through the ringer and are tired of dud after dud, so you look to the ones you already love. You like things that are familiar and unpretentious. Like sandwiches and soap operas.

Phoebe and Mike

You're a perfect lobster. Good job.

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