One Direction Isn't Replacing Zayn Malik & It's Absolutely The Best Decision For the Group

The past week hasn't been so kind to Directioners, who are apparently still crestfallen over Zayn Malik abandoning his post as one-fifth of what has arguably become 2015’s most talked about boy band. The latest One update probably won't bring as much relief to fans still morning Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, but here’s to hoping it will still provide a bit of a bright spot in this debacle: TMZ reports that One Direction doesn't plan to replace Zayn Malik, and will officially move forward as a foursome. And, after witnessing the extreme manner in which fans continue to react to Malik leaving the band, not filling his spot definitely feels like the most appropriate decision.

According to the gossip site, "sources" connected to Simon Cowell and One Direction's record label have completely dismissed the idea of replacing Malik, saying that there's been "absolutely zero" discussion about adding a new member. Furthermore, those sources reportedly confirmed that the band remains in regular contact with their former group member, which isn’t all that surprising considering Malik’s issues appeared to be with the demands of fame and not the other guys in the band.

Until the pain of not having Malik in One Direction completely subsides, maybe Directioners can nurse themselves back to their full fandom potential with the knowledge that the group obviously still has love for Malik, and that their current lineup won’t undergo any more extreme changes in the near future.


I sincerely hope this helps because I’m not sure how much more devastation Directioners can take. So far, those who are distraught over these 1D changes range from people missing work over Malik quitting to people crying at One Direction’s Madame Tussaud’s wax statue. (Which, honestly, is baffling: The replica of Malik in no way compares to the real-life being after which it is molded! But, I suppose it’s the closest they can get to the real thing.)

Anyway, keep your chins up, Directioners. Huge bands can and have definitely survived group members leaving. But, luckily for everyone, there won’t be any more talk of that anytime soon.