Matthew Perry In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'? It'd Be An Interesting Casting Twist, That's For Sure

As of now, it looks like Jamie Dornan is going to be returning for the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey sequel, even though the same can't be said for director Sam Taylor-Johnson. However, since Dornan has been a little hesitant about his role as Christian in the past, so just to be safe, the franchise might as well lock in an understudy — and it looks like Matthew Perry is ready, willing and able to step into Christian Grey's shoes. In an interview on The Late Late Show on Tuesday night, Matthew Perry talked about Fifty Shades Of Grey with host James Corden, and how he wants to be involved in the franchise somehow. Perry, who admits himself that he's a huge fan, said, "I read all the books, all three of them, and I want to be close to the project somehow. Every six pages, there's the most graphic sex scene you've ever seen in your life, and I just want to be near to it."

He and Plaza even offer a taste of what the movie would be like if they stepped into the main roles, with some very sarcastic and awkward choking. This kind of makes me wonder, though: Instead of Perry, what if his Friends character, Chandler Bing, was in the movie? Going even further than that — how would Fifty Shades Of Grey turn out if Christian Grey was actually Chandler Bing? Well, things might be a little different...

Christian Grey Would Have Some Very Different Secrets

Let's talk about that third nipple...

The Dirty Talk Would Take A Different Tone

"Could I be anymore turned on?"

The Gifts Would Be Less Flashy

Instead of diamonds and cars, it might be a baby chick, or a duck, or a heinous porcelain statue.

He'd Show More Emotion But Just As Much Conflict

Chandler Grey would be less cold than Christian Grey, for sure — he would probably compromise more with Ana, as well.

He'd Use His Moves To Woo Ana

Because who could resist dancing like that?

He'd Use Humor To Diffuse The Tension

What better way to gently introduce a potential lover to the idea of a "Red Room Of Pain" than with dry wit and self-deprecating jokes?

If only dreams could come true and Perry could get his chance to shine in the next installment of Fifty Shades of Grey — maybe even bringing Aubrey Plaza along with him in the process. Just check out what could be possible:

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

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