Diane Von Furstenburg Designs For A Cause

Hospital gowns aren't exactly runway ready, but Diane Von Furstenburg and other fashion designers are hoping to change that. It's not just that hospital gowns are unattractive — most patients consider them humiliating, degrading, and downright uncomfortable, which is why Diane Von Furstenburg designed attractive, comfortable hospital gowns for The Cleveland Clinic.

The new, innovative gown idea was ignited when the hospital's CEO was a practicing surgeon and received complaints about gowns from his patients. Understanding that the form of hospital gowns were just as important as the function, the hospital ultimately sought fashion designer and icon Diane Von Furstenburg for help in designing a lovable hospital gown.

The new gowns feature a front and back V-neck, and are made from a warmer and softer fabric. The gowns feature pockets instead of showing your bare derriere, and the color and patterns are drastically improved. Still, some worry about the cost associated with the new and improved hospital gowns. Also, some doctors believe newer designs don't allow for the accessibility needed to do their jobs.

But the patients are singing a different tune. Adrienne Boissy is the chief experience officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and according to, she said patients love the new gowns. "People felt much more comfortable in the new design, not just physically but emotionally," Boissy told US News and World Report.

Has Diane Von Furstenberg started a trend? Will we be seeing more fashion designers contributing to hospital gown fashion? We hope so!

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