Roy Just Did What On 'Arrow'?!

Not Roy! Not our sweet, precious, beautiful Roy! We should've know his little reunion with Thea was too good to be true because now our beloved Arsenal has found himself in some very, very deep water. Because during Wednesday night's Arrow episode "Public Enemy," Roy confessed to being the Arrow in order to set Oliver free. Don't get me wrong, it's a really sweet gesture and only helps to solidify the solid bromance the two of them have got going on this season, but still. I can't help but feel extremely uneasy about this turn of events.

Oliver's name may be cleared in the eyes of the public, but I have a feeling Lance isn't going to be so easily swayed by this little confession. (He may be acting really mean and vengeful these days, but let's give the guy a little credit, OK?) And what the heck does this mean for poor Roy himself? We know how guilty he's felt ever since learning that he killed someone while on Mirakuru, and he is prone to very noble, yet highly stubborn, tendencies (hence one of the many reasons we all love him so much). He might think he actually deserves this punishment, but that is certainly not the case. That boy has a heart of gold, which could end up being his downfall in the very near future.

I hate to even suggest such a thing, but is it possible that Roy could be next on the Arrow chopping block? We know someone is going to meet a deadly fate by the end of the season, thanks to the cast's very telling tweets of sorrow. And while I originally thought they were talking about Diggle, this little change-up is making me second guess myself. Maybe they were referring to Roy instead. He certainly doesn't have a problem sacrificing himself for others, and now that he's handed himself over to the police's custody, I have a terrible feeling his problems are only going to get worse. #FreeRoy

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW