It's Time To Pick A Side, 'Jane The Virgin' Fans

When it comes down to it, Jane the Virgin has one of the best-constructed love triangles out there — I mean, can you think of any other love triangle where you consistently rooted for both competitors so much? Usually one love interest is the clear choice, while the other's something of a drip... but that's categorically not the case on Jane the Virgin. So, are you Team Rafael or Team Michael?

I think part of the reason that Michael and Rafael are both so easy to root for (besides their aesthetic charms, obviously) is that they're so equally matched in terms of positive traits and negative traits. Jane the Virgin is constantly doing its best to remind us of that. Take for example, the current situation: Every time Rafael starts acting squirrelly and secretive, Jane just so happens to run into Michael, casually clopping by on a metaphorical white horse — and that street goes both ways. For every flaw Michael has, Rafael has a virtue, and vice versa. At the center of it all are two men who clearly love Jane, and will each (in their own way) go to any lengths possible to prove it to her. They're in a clear dead heat, and it's hard to choose — for both fans and Jane.

So before you commit to a team, check out this venn diagram of Michael and Rafael. It lists both of their pros and cons (so you know Jane would approve), and will hopefully help you pick a side once and for all.

Now that the data is in, I have to say, they're pretty evenly matched (and they both have a lot more in common than just good looks). I'd tentatively call myself Team Michael, but who knows? That could all change in the span of one romantic episode of Jane the Virgin.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle