Will Meredith & Derek Divorce On 'Grey's Anatomy'? They're Not The Only Couple In Trouble This Season

Grey’s Anatomy has a problem with relationships. Sure, there are plenty of relations on the show, but so few couples actually make it for the long haul. I recognize that it is not interesting to viewers to just watch seven happy couples live their lives, but come on, Shonda Rhimes! Throw someone a bone here! Just one couple that can live in relative happiness without an amputation, dead child, cheating debacle, or a weird Richard Wright-is-my-dad subplot. I’m begging you! Currently on the show, there are four couples who are actually together: Meredith and Derek ( Grey's Anatomy 's original couple), Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd (this is a newbie), Jackson and April (currently mourning the loss of their baby), and Alex Karev and Jo (living in Meredith’s house). Everyone else is single or totes complicated.

Karev and Jo have the most screwed up backstories, and yet they seem to be the happiest. The biggest problem in their life is that Meredith constantly leans on Karev for emotional support in the wake of Cristina’s leaving, and even Jo got over that mighty quick. Whatever they’re doing works for them, and I salute them. But what about the other three? Will any of the other three couples on the show make it to the finish line (probably not if Rhimes has anything to say about it)? Let’s take a look at their chances, shall we?

Mer & Der: Will Stay Together

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd are the original Grey’s Anatomy couple. Period. The whole show is literally based around their courtship, relationship, and marriage, so the fact that they keep having all of these marital issues is distressing to me, a person who does believe in true love. Currently, Derek is in Washington, D.C., being the President’s doctor or some crap (can you move back to Seattle, please, thank you), but we last saw him standing in his doorway after he rushed back to Seattle to see Mer. Why? Because a woman answered his phone. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have questions if a lady answered my man’s phone, so it's not surprising that Meredith took this as a sign that he is cheating on her.

Obviously Derek loves Meredith enough to get on a plane because of a voice on a telephone, but I will ask the question: Has Derek been cheating on Meredith while he’s been in Washington? I vote no. He’s shown over and over that he loves her, and I think that fans would revolt against Grey's if it gave them another relationship hurdle to jump over.

Owen & Amelia: Won’t Stay Together

The newest and most unexpected of the Grey’s Anatomy pairings, Owen and Amelia have been doing some serious smooching as of late —but will it last? Sadly, I’m not sure that it will, at least not for the long-term. Both Owen and Amelia have dealt with some heavy stuff in their pasts: Owen suffers from severe bouts of PTSD following his time as an Army surgeon, and Amelia has a history of drug abuse and lost both a child and a fiancé when she was on Private Practice. That’s a lot for any relationship to deal with, let alone one that just started. It may be hard for them to find their footing as a couple before the problems and flashback issues start creeping in again. This is one to enjoy while it lasts.

Jackson & April: Might Stay Together

Jackson and April, newlyweds, just suffered the most traumatic thing a couple can go through: the loss of a child. Their son suffered from a crippling bone disease that caused him to die shortly after birth, now leaving both April and Jackson to deal with a whole host of emotions. Jackson is trying to figure out how to help his wife, and April, as seen in last week’s episode, just wants to bang and be a doctor to help block out her pain. So can they get through this and come out as a stable couple on the other side? I’m leaning toward yes, if April and Jackson both can communicate their feelings. Their vast differences have always made that an issue, but since they basically ran off and got married because they couldn’t stand to be apart, I think that these two lovebirds can make it work if they really, really want to.

Now that I’ve laid out who I think will break up on Grey’s Anatomy, do you think that the gods of Shondaland will take Jo and Karev away from me? I need one love story on this show, and it can’t be between Derek and his ferryboats.

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