On 'Catfish,' Felipe & Jasmin Turn An Awkward Situation Into Revenge

I was super excited to watch Thursday's episode of Catfish for a lot of reasons, but there were two big ones: Max is finally back after being absent for the first few episodes of this season, and that MTV was giving us an episode that's a little different than anything the show has done lately. On the Catfish episode "Felipe and Jasmin," Felipe's the one looking for answers, and in this case, it's kind of a bummer that he found them.

From the beginning, Jasmin seemed way too good to be true — mostly because she claimed to be a model yet didn't own a phone... yeah, right —and obviously, that was the first red flag for Max and Nev. The verdict? After a minimal amount of digging, she was easily proven fake after they discovered the profile of the girl whose photos "Jasmin" was using. Next up? Figuring out who was actually behind the account, which was also pretty simple since the catfisher didn't put up much of a struggle about meeting Felipe in person.

It was then, at the meet up, that everything quickly became crystal clear. This hasn't happened in awhile on the show, but Felipe actually knew the person who was posing as Jasmin — well, kind of. Both a guy and a girl showed up. The guy? The poser. The girl? The poser's cousin, Luis, who actually used to date Felipe and was pretty miffed when her cuz filled her in that her new boyfriend was chatting "him" up. #Drama!

I can't blame her for being hurt and wanting to get back at Felipe, especially if her feelings for him were serious. But that isn't an excuse to toy with anyone's emotions like that, and Felipe swore up and down that their relationship wasn't exclusive and that he wouldn't cheat on anyone. Personally, I'm inclined to believe Felipe, since he's not the dude who created a fictional woman and got several people to fall in love with her as a hobby, but that's just me.

I feel bad for Felipe — and Luis, who genuinely seems to catfish people because he's uncomfortable in his own skin — but I do not feel bad that Max is back... or that his first episode this season ended up being crazy interesting. More like this, please!

Image: MTV