Could Dr. Collier Return To 'Grey's Anatomy'? Derek's D.C. "Friend" Would Only Bring Drama To Seattle

If we have learned anything from past seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s that hook-ups tend to find their way into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Last week we found out about Derek’s short-lived D.C. romance with Renee Collier, but have we really seen the last of her? Could Renee make her way back to Grey's Anatomy and work at the hospital alongside Meredith Grey? There hasn't been a full-fledged love triangle on the show in a while, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this storyline escalate.

What do we know about Doctor Renee Collier so far? She is hellbent on curing autism, which makes me like her even though I really don't want to. We also know that she is so devoted to her work because she has a younger sister with autism. Of course, Derek was helping with this mission and even came across a breakthrough in her case. However, we also know that Renee has strong feelings for Derek and was pretty convinced that he shared those feelings, even though he claimed that he didn’t. Plus, she has his cell phone, so she may feel the need to fly across the country and return it.

It wouldn't be the first time that someone showed up at the hospital creating an insane amount of drama. Remember Addison and Mark Sloan? Here's some of the baggage Renee could bring if she shows up in Seattle.

More Marital Problems For MerDer

As if these two didn’t already have enough problems, Renee showing up would create way more problems, especially if Derek decides to actually hook up with her for real this time. Meredith had a point when she said it wouldn’t be the first time he’s fallen for one of his co-workers.

Problems For Other Couples

Maybe Renee won't hook up with Derek, but will start a flirtation with another doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial. Maybe that doctor won't be single, starting a totally unexpected love triangle that keeps Meredith and Derek out of it.

So Much Baggage

Everyone has baggage, but I have a strong feeling that if Renee comes to Seattle she will bring along plenty of drama. Maybe that includes an ex-boyfriend? Maybe Derek was lying and she'll brings along a secret pregnancy. What I'm basically saying is, if Renee comes to Seattle, she'll be bringing a very heavy suitcase.

Moral of the story? Dr. Collier needs to stay in D.C.

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