Are Felipe, Luis, & Alex From 'Catfish' Friends? This Story Might Have A Happy Ending

So I had a lot of thoughts about the episode of Catfish involving Felipe and Jasmin. First, Felipe, how did you not know you were being straight up duped when "Jasmin" didn't have "access to a phone"? IT'S 2015! I saw a four-year-old with an iPhone the other day. So when Jasmin on Catfish turned out to be Luis — with a dash of Alex — I felt like no one was allowed to be surprised that Jasmin wasn't getting out of the car. The surprising factor about this episode is the timeline in which all of the chatting occurred, since there was overlap between Luis and Felipe talking, and Felipe and Alex dating. With all that said, was there any way for these people to move on and maybe be friends?

Shockingly — for Catfish at least — there could be a chance that this doesn't end with bad blood. At least according to one of the people involved. The story behind Luis being Jasmin is that he started talking to Felipe before he knew about Alex and Felipe dating. He came clean to his bestie Alex about talking to Felipe (and, you know, Catfish-ing him), which is why they both went to the meet, so both of them could explain how it went down.

It was all sorts of bizarre, but it might actually have a happy ending. Luis and Felipe are actually "good friends" according to Luis' public Facebook status, which is really an update I don't think I ever saw coming.

Also, it seems that through this messy situation, Alex and Luis have maintained their strong friendship, based on this Instagram photo captioned, "#we'reinthistogether."

Luis also explains on Twitter that he wasn't the only one who had the passwords to the Jasmin profile, making him just one of a few people who were working on her ruse. And even though it's kind of like, "OK, well you still did it," he does seem to have regrets about it (I think?). Luis also opened up a lot on the show about his past history with abuse, so it seems like there was something a lot deeper running through his Catfish-ing than what we first saw at the surface.

As for Felipe, he's pretty private on social media, but I am choosing to believe Luis when he says that he and Felipe are actually friends now.

Image: MTV