12 Bunnies Who Are So Ready To Party On Easter — The ACTUAL Easter Bunny Not Included

Easter is finally here! It's the time of year to dress like a Peep, find all the eggs, and eat all the ham. But now it's also all about the bunnies. The Easter bunny is the Santa of spring, and delivers baskets of chocolatey goodness to all the girls and boys. He or she doesn't wrap anything, which is awesome and saves time, and just leaves eggs in hard-to-find places. While the Easter bunny is eternally wonderful (mainly because he or she gave me my very first CD, TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool"), all the bunnies of the world get their chance to shine on Easter. Not that they really needed to remind us how cute they are, but as we are an over-worked, sleep-deprived species, it certainly helps to have more cuteness in our lives.

Also with Easter comes the celebration. Have you planned the menu for your feast? Have you assembled the Easter baskets? Have you tested your themed Easter cocktail? Have you hidden all the eggs? Are you ready to rage? Because these bunnies have been waiting all year to get down in the name of all that is carrot-flavored, and shake their little cotton tails off. Here are 12 bunnies who will rock out with their ears out on Easter.

1. We've been waiting a whole year for these cups to be filled. Hop to it, human.

2. Wait... It's EASTER again already???!

3. There's a party? And I'm invited? Where is it? I'm on my way!

4. Meh, I'll come if you're serving an assortment of veggies.

5. Oh hayyyyyy! C'mon, y'all. Let's get thumpin'.

6. Will I attend? Yes. YES. A thousand times, yes!

7. Just want to make sure I'm loose before all the hopping begins.

8. Oh you guys haven't started drinking yet? Yeah, um..... me neither.

9. Brother, we're going to a par-tay on Sunday!!!

10. Just preparing for my inevitable hangover.

11. This Easter party cannot come soon enough.

12. And here's our queen, leading the bunny charge... of course.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy (12)