10 Amazing Tom Hiddleston-Themed Treats, Because His Face Makes Every Food More Festive — PHOTOS

If you've always wanted to eat Tom Hiddleston, now's your chance. OK, don't go all dirty on me, I'm just talking about Tom Hiddleston-themed foods. The Internet is a magical place full of delicious recipes and tasty treats inspired by the Avengers actor, and they can be yours. With a little creativity and a dash of fangirling, you can turn an ordinary cake into a Hiddleston cake. Or you can sip a Loki-themed cocktail at the end of a long day. But, if you don't feel like making your own treats, you can buy some Hiddlespired treats online and still get to experience the joy of having a Hiddleston meal.

Fact: Putting his glorious face on any item of food makes me 108 percent more inclined to eat it. I look forward to a day when you can buy vegetables carved with the faces of your favorite actors so eating greens won't feel like such a chore. But, for now, there are a lot of delicious foods that come emblazoned with Hiddleston's good looks. I'm talking cereal, cupcakes, lollipops and more. And for die-hard Loki fans, there's quite a few God of Mischief-themed foods too.

The Internet is genius because they've combined my two favorite things (eating and Hiddleston) into one glorious experience. Bon appétit!

Loki Charms

These don't exist in real life, which is heartbreaking. But maybe if we complain loudly enough, General Mills will answer our cries and turn this into an actual thing. For now, you can get the design on a T-shirt, so at least there's that.

Heartthrob Cupcakes

This delectable treat comes with the added bonus of a frosted Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing Loki. Does it get any better than an edible Cumber-Hiddles duo? No. Order some here.

Jotunheim Java

This coffee blend sound delicious. Mint and chocolate coffee? Yes please.) But it was also inspired by the God of Mischief himself. Nothing says good morning quite like a delicious sip of Hiddleston-themed coffee. You can order some here.

Good-Looking Lollipop

As if candy wasn't good enough, someone came up with the idea of putting Hiddleston's face on a lollipop.

Cream of Loki Soup

When in doubt, make a Hiddleston label for a regular food item. It's guaranteed to make it taste better.

Hiddles Cookies

There are so many options when it comes to which type of Hiddleston cookie you want to eat. You could make some and frost them to look like Loki, or take a different approach and make a batch that says Mrs. Hiddleston on them. Either way they're sweet to look at or to eat.

Loki'd Cocktail

If Loki was a drink he'd be this one, complete with lemon peel horns.

A Darker Drink

Or you could go less fruity and try the recipe of Hiddleston's own invention. He once said Loki's drink of choice would be a strange mixture of absinthe and Guinness. "Like some horrible cocktail of nastiness where your just like 'ugh,'" he said, laughing.


Forget Doritos, the snack every Hiddlestoner needs is a bag of Lokitos. Unfortunately they're not available online. But maybe you can badger your local store into ordering a batch, or take a road trip to Texas where there have been confirmed Lokitos sightings.

Hiddleston Cake

We live in a world where any photo you want can be transferred to a cake and then eaten. We need to take way more advantage of that than we currently are. Hiddlescake all the time!

Images: CrackedBlackInc/Etsy; Martha Sorren