A Perfume That Smells Better The More You Sweat?

There's nothing quite like the flowery, unattractively musky scent that occurs when your perfume mixes with your sweat after you hit the gym. The brilliant minds over at Queen's University Belfast have developed the solution — a perfume that smells better when you sweat! Isn't technology a beautiful, beautiful thing?

Sweating with normal perfume on is like the world's worst chemistry experiment. Miss Dior + an hour on the elliptical = a noxious chemical concoction that I guarantee nobody will be heading to Sephora to snag. But soon, that's all going to change thanks to, well, science!

This unbelievable sorcery lies in the "perfume delivery system," according to Science Daily. By chemically attaching the key fragrance to an ionic liquid (a scentless, liquid form of salt), the perfume releases more of its sexy scent when it comes into contact with moisture — specifically sweat. So basically, the harder you go in to spin class, the stronger your perfume becomes!

Plus, the scientists also found a way for the perfume to whisk away sweat odors, through creating an attraction between the thiol compounds (what makes sweat stinky) and the ionic liquid, breaking down its smelly potency.

This magic potion isn't available for purchase yet, but I couldn't help already thinking of some situations in which it would be a little liquid lifesaver.

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