Does Morgan Die In 'The Walking Dead' Comics?

Fans everywhere rejoiced during The Walking Dead Season 5 finale when Morgan Jones finally arrived at Alexandria Safe-Zone. After months of taunting us with short clips of Morgan making his way toward the group, we kind of got the reunion we’ve been waiting for. It probably would have been better though if Rick shot Peter Anderson before Morgan walked though the Safe-Zone doors, but we take what we can get when it comes to The Walking Dead. Now that Morgan is back, the big question is if Morgan Jones dies in the comic book version of The Walking Dead. I hate that I have to be the bearer of bad news here, but yes, Morgan does die in the comics. However, luckily for fans of the show, they have strayed from his plot line a lot on TV. Personally, I believe that means his story will not be following the comics in the way that we think. Let’s analyze, shall we?

On the TV show, we left off at the group meeting where Peter Anderson walks in and slits Deanna’s husbands throats because he’s the worst. Deanna then gives Rick permission to shoot Peter. At the same time the “wolves” are finally revealed, and now we know that they are out there and they are coming. Then, of course, the episode ends with Morgan coming to Alexandria Safe-Zone. With the exception of Morgan, all of these events pretty much correspond to the comic book Issue 77.

The main difference between the comics and the show at this point, besides the different character names, is that Morgan has been with the group in the comics since before Terminus. Remember the second time Rick encounters Morgan in that weird town with all the booby traps? Well, that does happen in the comics, and it’s at that point in the comics that Morgan decides to go with them. This is important with the point I’m trying to make, I promise.

Morgan's death in the comic books happens in Issue 82. As we are on Issue 77, that will be fairly quickly into Season 6 if they decide to follow the comics. However, I think that they won’t be following the comic story line of Morgan Jones on the show because they have already strayed so far from it. It doesn't really make sense to have all these teasers, and a big reunion, from Morgan if he dies so quickly into his return on the show. I think he may be safe for quite a while.

The comic death however is quite depressing. He is bitten by a zombie, because that’s how pretty much everyone dies. However, Michonne gets to him and chops off his arm where the bite is, hoping to save him. Then, he runs a fever and doesn't make it, even with his missing arm. After he passes away, Michonne kills him so he doesn't reanimate.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they don’t bring this version to the TV. Do you hear me Gimple?

Images: Gene Page/AMC; authorityalwayswins/Tumblr; Wifflegif