Morgan Arrives At Alexandria Safe-Zone On 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale, But He Has The Worst Timing

Finally! After an entire season of teases and brief glimpses, Morgan found Rick and the group on The Walking Dead. It wasn't exactly the best timing, as Morgan arrived at the Alexandria Safe-Zone with Daryl and Aaron just as Rick was killing Pete. Of course, he had plenty of reasons to do that, all culminating in Pete killing Reg Monroe at the end of Alexandria's big meeting about Rick. Still, the way Morgan looked at Rick when he first found his old friend suggested that the two will have a lot to talk about once all of the dust settles.

Despite how brutal it made Rick appear, I think Morgan may have arrived just in time. Let's not forget that before his string of short appearances, the last time we saw Morgan, he was not exactly in the best place. The Season 3 episode "Clear" found Morgan still grieving the loss of his son Duane and taking it out on whatever walkers crossed his path. He was holed up in a lair surrounded by traps (sort of reminiscent of what we saw from the finally revealed Wolves in Sunday night's finale), and attacked Rick. He actually denied Rick's invitation to join the group because of his unpredictable state.

Now here we are, two seasons later, and Morgan seems to have become more stable, and picked up some pretty amazing stick-twirling tricks along the way. While fans know the residents of Alexandria would have made a huge mistake by kicking Rick out, we can't deny that Rick has become much more intense and violent over the course of The Walking Dead. Maybe Morgan can help Rick find the balance between badass fighter ready to protect the people he cares about, and someone who can live among others.

I don't think Morgan will give up on Rick just because he found him at a very violent moment. Morgan understands what it takes to survive in this world, and it's clear how hard he's been searching for Rick. He even turned down Aaron and Daryl's offer to join Alexandria, instead asking them for directions to the place he was seeking. He pulled out the map with Rick's name scrawled on it, and Daryl immediately seemed to realize what was going on.

Though their reunion might not have come in the best of circumstances, Rick and Morgan may bring each other exactly what they need. Rick is a familiar face to Morgan, who has lost everyone, and Morgan is someone who has also faced countless tragedies, gone through some true rough patches, and come out the other side stronger. Now that they've finally found each other, I expect a lot of crucial character development for both Morgan and Rick in The Walking Dead Season 6.

Image: Gene Page/AMC